$53 Billion Down The Drain

Comrade Obama is at it again. He just won’t let his dream of ruling the world from the back of a train end. According to Reuters the plan is to sink, and I do mean sink, $53 billion of your tax dollars down this never-ending hole.

The reason I treat this so harshly is because I was a mere child when they flushed the Amtrak commode and it hasn’t stopped running yet. The money just flows down the train drain day after day, year after year, decade after decade and nothing gets better. Trains still suck. Trains still lose money. Trains are still subsidized with your tax dollars. People still die at train crossings. All for what? You can’t afford to ride the darn thing and if it gets you where you’re going you don’t have a way to get around while you’re there.

I don’t know why they are so dead set on doing this. Here‘s a story about it. As you can see even the transportation guy and the railroad subcommittee Chairman have “extreme reservations” about this. They compare it to giving  Madoff another shot at your investment portfolio. Again I ask, why?

Right at the beginning of the story you see where House Republicans demonstrate that they “get it”. This requires “private investment”. That’s the crux of the matter. The gubmint has no business in ANY business, much less the train business which is a proven loser.

Then they keep pointing to China as a model. China has no infrastructure. It is a prime subject for this sort of thing. The United States has a fantastic infrastructure that needs to be maintained, not replaced with some antiquated crap. Have I made this point clear? One more time. Trains are a step up from walking on jungle trails. Trains are a giant leap down from riding in custom comfort to your exact destination. Can this get any clearer?

Let’s examine this further. Almost every home in America has a garage and driveway attached to it. The driveway comes right off the road it sits on. Even the apartments have parking lots as do most of America’s destinations. China, on the other hand has none of this. They’re lucky if they have a road. Now, is Comrade Obama asking us to waste all of this? What are his plans? Does he even have any? I find this truly perplexing. The part that really tweaks me is that this all stems from the scam that is global warming. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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