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The Scam Returns

February 7, 2011

I warned you about this dead horse. Like one of those low-rent B movies it’s a zombie climbing out of the grave. Here’s how it’s working, it’s just Algore and the Krugmeister in a horse suit. Your guess is as good as mine as to who is the back-end. It seems that no matter how exposed this scam becomes the allure is so great that the libs just can’t resist coming back to it. Once again we are in global warming scam hysteria and I think snow might be the trigger. Who knows what drives these libs but here is one of the goofiest stories I have ever read. So really? In essence this guy is saying global warming is causing the riots in Egypt. Did you get that?

I think if we let this Krugman guy anywhere near Algore we’re going to have some kind of chain reaction of Biblical proportions. Two loons this far out in left field would be a catastrophe, much less in a horse suit together. If you get a chance just scan through some of this guys older stuff, a real nutbag. I was amazed at what he wouldn’t blame on global warming. I have a hunch his retirement is invested in Algore’s carbon credit company.

Right now let me set you straight, don’t buy your carbon credits from Algore Industries, go here and get them. Now wasn’t that much easier than you thought it would be? I got 6,875,642,968,821 myself. I figure that ought to cover the rest of my life with plenty to will to my children (although they have probably got just as many). So don’t let me hear about you not having enough for your future enjoyment. Now back to the libs.

As if the Krugmeister wasn’t bad enough look at the program here. These are your tax dollars at work. Are you happy? Wind energy is perhaps the most undependable. And, as an added extra bonus go here to see what happens when it goes wrong. Yeah. That was a lot of money going up in smoke. Just for the heck of it I included this link to the crazy cat lady. You’ll notice that not only was it true but it was one of two. Also, I saw no estimates anywhere as to how much energy was lost. Apparently no power outages were reported. WTF? You would think that a catastrophe this bad would have inconvenienced at least three people. Oh well, until next time, screw environmentalists.