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Greenpeace Founder On The Scam

February 2, 2011

One of the founders of greenpeace has given his thoughts on the scam that is global warming and it ain’t pretty. See the YouTube here. And Algore has come up from his dungeon laboratory where he has been working on who knows what to say, “It’s alive.” in reference to the scam that is global warming.  Now are you ready for this? In years past the lack of snow was “proof positive” of the existence of global warming. Now the abundance of snow is “proof positive” of the existence of global warming. Let me say that again. In years past the LACK of snow was “proof positive” of the existence of global warming. Now the ABUNDANCE of snow is “proof positive” of the existence of global warming. I’m not kidding. That’s his story. See it here. There’s even a link to his website if you haven’t seen enough.

Now I’m not a doctor like Algore…oh yeah, he isn’t either…but I digress. I say the lack of snow in years past has been proof positive that the weather was going along just like it always has, and now I say that the abundance of snow is proof positive that the weather is going along just as it always has. But unlike Algore, I will go on TV for a measly $50,000.00 and debate it with anyone. For a look at some of my prep I give you this.

Now, I ask you, if Niagara Falls did that around 1908 was that proof positive of global warming? And if it was, what happened? Can I get a heck yeah? Anyway, here‘s a little bit about Patrick Moore. As you can see he IS a doctor and he seems to be agreeing with me more so than with the mad scientist of Tennessee.

Here’s what greenpeace has to say about Moore. “Patrick Moore often misrepresents himself in the media as an environmental “expert” or even an “environmentalist,” while offering anti-environmental opinions on a wide range of issues and taking a distinctly anti-environmental stance. He also exploits long-gone ties with Greenpeace to sell himself as a speaker and pro-corporate spokesperson, usually taking positions that Greenpeace opposes.” Are there any doctors at greenpeace?

Here’s an excerpt from Moore’s website, “As we begin the 21st century, environmental thinkers are divided along a sharp fault line. There are the doomsayers who predict the collapse of the global ecosystem. There are the technological optimists who believe that we can feed 12 billion people and solve all our problems with science and technology. I do not believe that either of these extremes makes sense. There is a middle road based on science and logic, the combination of which is sometimes referred to as common sense. There are real problems and there is much we can do to improve the state of the environment.” Now that sounds reasonable, I like this guy. If you would like to read more of Moore go here. If you’d like to read more on greenpeace go soak your head. Until next time, screw environmentalists.