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Want Some Chinese

January 18, 2011

Chinese President Hu Jintao, hey, that’s fun to say. Hu Jintao. Kind of like who wants a gin and tonic. Well…sort of. Anyway, he’s visiting Zero. How fitting, what a nice pair of boobs, I mean commies. I don’t know what I mean, I used to like Nixon, now China owns a lot of our debt. How did that happen? Apparently Nixon took us off the gold standard and opened China up for just this sort of thing. Man we have got to quit befriending these little commie shops.

The latest in a string of insults, intended or otherwise, from this guy is his statement that we need to develop an international currency to replace the dollar. See that here. I don’t know about all that but I have read similar reports all through the Ministry of Propaganda (media) this is just the clearest one. Most of them say he wants to use the Chinese yuan. The economy seems to be quite a concern for these two. That’s amazing seeing as how they both seem to want to destroy it. Basically Hu is doing the same thing with the yuan that Obama is doing with the dollar. No, not spending every one he can borrow, attempting to keep them from rising in value, just for different reasons.

Here is one from the Washington Post. There’s a lot of good stuff in there. It would appear that all that commie loving Zero learned in his younger days isn’t paying off. He’s finding that you need to “stand firm” with the commies. Gee, that doesn’t square with the way he was taught about Mao? Oh well, as John Wayne is told to have said, “Life’s tough…it’s tougher if your stupid.” It seems like Hu is more into talking about how to build roads and get around EPA type BS while Zero is more concerned with human rights violations. That just don’t sit right because it’s mainly Christians that take a whooping in China and Zero, as a mooslim, should be all about that.

Did you notice how Zero was painted as the wide-eyed optimist who has had to take a hard-line against the disagreeable Chinese? That is way too funny that even the Post would stoop to this level of glorifying Obama. When he’s king of the world he’ll probably have them executed so they might as well just quit sucking up right now. The Times (your choise, Washington, New York or LA) has them beat on the sucking up trail so there’s no hope for redemption. They might as well just throw in with us now and avoid the rush in 2012. As a parting shot I  heard somewhere that Hu intends to bypass Zero and begin funding bankrupt American cities. Look that up. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

What If They Left

January 17, 2011

I recently received an e-mail with a title like this. It started with an affidavit looking thing by some “journalist” who claimed to have interviewed a visiting Mexican journalist. It went on to state that the Mexican journalist had posed a question, “Illegals pay rent, buy groceries and clothing, what happens to your country’s economy if 20 million people go away?” The “journalist” claimed to have done their due diligence and buried their nose in the facts.

What followed was a list of entitlements that would be better off, with figures to back it up, but no true answer to the question posed. While I agree with the facts stated I got to wondering about the question posed. Would we truly be better off if these people left? The answer is, of course, we would, but I still want answers to the question. How much revenue would be lost?

To get my answers I used the figures quoted and did some fast and dirty calculations. First 20 million illegals, let’s say an average family of four so that’s 5 million homes with an average payment of $500.00 a month. We’re looking at a potential loss of revenue of $2.5 billion a month. Who’d of thunk that? Let’s move along with an average grocery bill of $100.00 a week. That’s $2 billion a month. What’s going on here? Finally the clothes purchase. I’m extremely frugal when it comes to clothes. I don’t think I have a single name brand and I wear stuff forever and still I’m good for about $50.00 a month so realistically we’re probably looking at $100.00 a month per illegal for a total of $2 billion. How can this be?

So, just to be conservative, I’ll be liberal if you’d rather, let’s double these figures to reflect the 40 million illegals figure being tossed about, we have a total of $13 billion a month or $156 billion a year. This proves the point as the total for the entitlements alone is $538.3 billion a year and that’s based on the 20 million illegals so you’d really have to double it to be fair. Case closed, illegals dismissed. until next time, screw environmentalists.

Pitted Against Each Other

January 14, 2011

That title is part of a line from one of Chairman Zero’s illustrious speeches. I believe the entire line involved something regarding Americans being treated like dogs and pitted against each other fighting for scraps. I don’t know I can only listen to about thirty seconds of him at a time and then I have to observe absolute silence for an hour or my brain will bleed to death and I’ll become a Democrat or something.

My point here is that this is exactly what Dear Leader desires. The old adage goes ‘united we stand, divided we fall’, and he wants us to fall and be ruled by him, a civil servant. He doesn’t seem to grasp that, as most of the recent inductees into the tax and spend hall of fame don’t. A Presidency that should have united more Americans than any before has created more racial unrest than this cowboy has ever seen. I mean EVER. It’s tight right now and things are ready to snap. I get sick of the racial rhetoric on both sides and the lines are clearly drawn for some reason.

People. Here is the thing. We have to stay off our butts and make this work. We came together to do the 2010 election. Now we have to keep our eyes on the prize. The 2012 election. The evil forces of socialism are trying their best to pry us apart. They keep throwing crap in our path. Crap like you’re black and I’m white. I am different than you, and he’s different from us. But when we saw our chance to get out from under their thumb, we took it, and it has them scared to death.

The poor didn’t elect Zero. The wealthy didn’t elect Bush. Blacks didn’t elect Zero. Whites didn’t elect Bush. We the people, the middle class. The ones who work for a living and pay our way as well as the way of several others. We’re the ones who elected these shysters. You see, here’s the dirty little secret that they don’t want you to find out. This is the profundity that will set you free forever. Once you grasp it’s truth. They play you like a cheap harmonica. Every election is the same. You don’t vote in the primary, if you’re even registered in a party, because you don’t think it makes that much difference and you might miss six dollars worth of work that ends up costing you a thousand in taxes. But I digress. You don’t vote in the primary then you are unhappy with your choices in the general election so you don’t vote again, just to teach them. Or worse yet, you cross over and vote against them to teach them a lesson.

Now comes the secret part. They have already learned the lesson. It is being taught in colleges and universities around the world. How many of you actually have any kind of degree, much less a doctorate. That’s what I thought, three. The lesson being plan ahead. Pure and simple. Most people don’t even like to think about politics much less plan for it. So they have beaten you before you even get to the polls. You are going to get a choice, as they said on South Park, between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. And either of them will do the bidding of the powers that be to maintain the status quo. It’s simple folks, if you want to keep on getting what you’re getting, keep on doing what you’re doing. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

McCarthy-ism Again

January 13, 2011

I’m warning you. Keep your eyes on both hands and the feet. The libs are not laying down as ordered. They are bad dogs and this is what they are up to. I just feel so dirty when I link to these lib sites. I run my clean up utilities over and over. Anyway, the “dingbat” in the green is Carolyn McCarthy not Joe. I don’t know, or care, if they’re related, but I like what Joe was doing more than I like what the dingbat is doing. She’s infringing on my Second Amendment rights. Big time. The funny thing is she is attempting to ban the very thing that saved lives in this situation. The weapon in question was not set up to use the large capacity clip and thus jammed allowing the time needed to tackle him.

The commie will be introducing this crap next week. This would be a good time to nag your Representative about the dangers of voting for this kind of thing and to just sort of say, “Hey. That’s dangerous thinking Representative.” Don’t forget to ask if they’ve introduced any “light bulb ban” repeals yet. Stop laughing, I’m serious. I’m not going to use those curly little, slow lighting, eight dollar pieces of feces. I’ve got a closet full of Edison’s finest. When incandescents are outlawed, I intend to be an outlaw.

Also you might want to ask if they’ve got a bill in the works to get rid of that ethanol garbage yet. Algore even says it’s a mistake. The stuff is still rotting my fuel line from the inside. I read an article the other day that said that I was lying. I left a comment and asked them if they’d like to come and take a look. No response yet and they removed my comment. (Read this in your best high-pitched gay voice) CENSORED!!!!

OK. So they had a colleague get shot. Now they’ve got to take the week off? WTF? I’m getting tired of these overpaid SOB’s. Here‘s what I’m talking about. Let’s see, I believe they had them in there on Christmas last year but of course the birth of our Savior cannot compare with this tragedy that could have been prevented had the lib Sheriff done his job using the overly restrictive gun laws that already exist to stop this documented criminal from buying a gun.  Heck, she opened her eyes and winked at Zero. Not really, but Limbaugh said something like that on his show and I decided to steal it.

Finally, what did I just say yesterday? America has a lot of coal. Remember? Do these people read this little blog and do these things just to spite me? Apparently we’re going to continue to have a lot of coal. Read this. VETOES? WTF? Who the heck are they to veto anything? Again. Why does the EPA still exist? I scoured the Constitution and I cannot find anywhere that says we gave some two-bit bureaucrat veto power. I’m going to vomit now. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Volt, et al

January 12, 2011

America has a lot of coal. Why can’t we use that to fuel our lives? Here is a law of physics: When you convert energy from one form to another you lose some of it in the conversion. What did that say? Let me break it down. When you burn coal to produce heat some of the original energy of the coal is lost in the conversion. When you use that heat to produce steam some of the original energy is lost. When you use that steam to turn a turbine some of the original energy is lost. When that turbine drives a generator some of the original energy is lost. We already have quite a loss of energy don’t we? And we haven’t even delivered it to your house yet.

Here‘s the website for the Chevy Volt. It tells you all kinds of good things like how the Volt charges for about $1.50 a day. Of course, right after that there is a number in parenthesis that I can only assume means a footnote which I can’t find to save my life. In all fairness I didn’t look that long but really? A footnote? There are like ten or twelve of these footnotes that I can’t find. What are they trying to hide? Successfully. I might add. It also says that it takes about ten hours to charge. So much for charging it at work. It does mention that it only goes 35 miles on that charge. These are things that nobody is really getting excited about. Overall I think the car is not very exciting.

One thing I’ve noticed about newer cars is their tendency to look like turds. I mean their shape. They’re tapered. I guess to slide through the wind. And this one is no exception. While all of this is just fine and dandy it does not address the original issue that it was designed to fix. Carbon fuel. As Rush Limbaugh eloquently points out these cars are “coal-fired”. See that here. I’m not really sure but I think these guys might be libs and they say fifty percent of America’s electricity is produced by coal. That gives a fifty-fifty chance that your Volt will be “coal-fired”, IF we use these figures. This is the lowest one I could find.

Ford, Nissan, Toyota, and Dodge have their tokens and Porsche has even gotten into the game with this offering. I don’t know, 35 miles and then it’s just a little crap engine. Like Alice Cooper said, “Americans want cars that go vroom vroom, not eeeeeeeee.” Maybe we can just stick baseball cards in the wheels. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Plight Of Arizona

January 11, 2011

How did a once strong State come to be in this condition? It wasn’t bad enough that they have an illegal alien problem. Then there’s the whole “boycott” thing. Anybody heard anything about that? I didn’t think so. Stuff like that usually sounds good to libs but they rarely have the stuff to keep it up for long.

Now they are plagued with this rouge Sheriff attempting to go toe to toe with Limbaugh. I hear Dipstick or Dupcheck or whatever the heck his name is has singled Rush out as the one now responsible for the shooting. Is that a lib view or what? He truly is a dipstick. I wonder how that’s working out for him?

I’m just starting to think that Arizona can’t buy a break. Here‘s the skinny on Sheriff Dupnik. Now remember, this is HIS website. Some of these entries are downright offensive to me. He seems to be the consummate gubmint suck a$$. I’m embarrassed for him. The only FEMA SWAT team? Did he ever wonder why? But I digress. Just for fun I went to the Sheriff’s translator in the upper right corner and translated into Hindi. It was pretty but it didn’t get any better.

Of course he was appointed for his first term because I doubt he would have been elected and now the sheeple have elected him for six, count ’em, six terms. And he was one of the first to hop all over the State law on illegal aliens. Here‘s a little something from Arianna on that. I hate linking to her site but if you want something Liberace gay you almost have to. Also I would like to ask each and every one of you out there to go back to calling them illegal aliens as calling them any kind of immigrant is just wrong and harmful to real immigrants who work extremely hard and pay large sums of money to be a citizen.

One thing to watch closely here is your Second Amendment rights. These people are ready to go on this and this is just the kind of crisis that they don’t want to let go to waste. Somebodies congresscritter has already introduced legislation that the newly elected need to be reminded to slap down. You might want to fax, call or e-mail your particular Representative regarding the meaning of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. If you need that address click here.

 Lastly, where do you think Pima County is located in Arizona? Here‘s your answer. Isn’t that just ducky? Front and center in the border battle. With this guy responsible for security it’s no wonder we have forty million of them running around on food stamps and social insecurity. This is what happens when you allow renters to vote. Oh well, more on that later. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Is It True

January 10, 2011

Everybody has been flapping all day about every aspect of this Arizona shooting thing and I have come away with one solid theme. Now stick with me on this. The local Sheriff decided early on that this guy was some kind of deranged tea party type and ran with it. To his dismay it turns out that Lee Loughner is a left leaning loser. The Sheriff has recanted but the rest of the media have run with it. To the point that they have tried to link him to Sarah Palin. Can I get a WTF?

Several of the talk show hosts on the radio were drawing comparisons with famous left leaning loser assassins and would be assassins throughout history. Some of the more notable were Oswald. Remember him? The wanna-be commie that killed JF Kennedy? He was a real lefty in every sense of the word. I don’t believe he was left-handed though. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. And there was the infamous Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy’s assassin. The speculation has already begun on some kind of hypnotic crap for Mr. Loughner just like Mr. Sirhan. See that here. The only reason I included this link is because the search engine traffic is huge on it. Why do you suppose that is?

Then there was the wonderful John Hinckley who brought us such favorites as the Brady Bill. What a loser, not only does he miss his intended target he creates that cluster. Right there is how you will be able to tell if a conservative planned and executed the attack. It will not only be successful but the perpetrator will probably get away and never be apprehended. But I digress. Then they moved deftly on to Mark David Chapman and beyond to John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate Sympathizer and general all around left leaning loser. Remember, Lincoln was a Republican.

So all day long I have heard one story after another about how every whack-job with a gun has been a lib. Now I took a ration of crap from more than just Mr. Hoffman on my Liberal Disease post he was just the only one willing to take me on about it. So I want the rest of you people to pay close attention to this one. As you can clearly see, libs are a scary bunch. Why the heck would you vote for them? That’s the really scary part of this. Then you vehemently defend that vote. Can I get a WTF? Yeah I’m back to WTF. Honest square biz, I would rather hear WTF than the blasphemous OMG. Until next time, WTF, screw environmentalists.

Thing One And Thing Two

January 7, 2011

Here we go folks. This is the last straw for me. I have come completely unglued and gone totally ballistic. This is the kind of thing that I just can’t stand for. Pray tell, how many of you out there have a couple of fags for parents? I’m sure there are some out there. But, I am also sure it is a very small percentage. Did I offend you when I called your “parents” fags? Gee, that’s tough (still looking for that sarcasm font). Get used to it because it’s the exception, not the rule. Darn! I just lost two readers. Oh well. And being the exception I am totally at a loss as to why we would spend millions (you know darn well it will be millions) of tax dollars catering to them. This offends me far more than the original wording offended homos. What about MY feeling? How come my feelings never account for anything? What? Am I chopped liver? WHAT? (If you’ll remember that really means WTF)

I’m sorry. You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m bellowing about now. Well here it is. They (the state department) are taking the space for mother and father off the passport application. In its stead they will be putting “Parent One” and “Parent Two”. Excuse me while I vomit. I’m just sick of this crap. If I had a lib here right now I’d kick his fu@%^&g a&s butt just for general principles. I hope Bawney Fwank is choking on his weenie right now.

The deputy assistant Secretary of State for Passport Services said this decision was not an act of political correctness. Well then WTF was it? If this isn’t the epitome of political correctness I’ll shack up with Bawney Fwank. Look folks, this is just a small thing. But when you lump this with all the other small things out there you have, as Joe Biden would say, a big fu%^*#g deal. This needs to stop, NOW!

Then I see this weasel Harry Reid on the big show saying the tea party is running out of steam. Sorry Harry. I just didn’t send enough money to Sharon Angle. Wait ’til 2012 beeotch. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


January 6, 2011

John Boehner had the Constitution read in the House of Representatives today. I think that was a great thing to do. I think they might have to do it monthly, weekly or even daily until these libs get the idea. The thing is the Republicans wrote a bill to repeal obamacare. Here‘s the bill. This is the kind of thing that the American people want. Simple, short and to the point. The Democrats wanted to amend this. No kidding. they wanted to put earmarks on it. Damn these people. I am sick of even hearing about their crap.

The “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” is what the American people want. Why do these jackals go against the wishes of their constituents? Limbaugh kept asking what they were going to earmark. That’s not a mystery, they would simply start exempting sections of obamacare. The Republicans keep indicating that they need to replace this piece of crap with something else. NO! NO! NO! Bad Representative! This will not get through the Senate unless “we the people” get to our Senators and threaten them with denutting if they don’t pass this. Do that here. No, really, do that there now. If we can get this through the Senate and to Chairman Zero’s desk he will have to veto it and explain his miserable self.

So here’s what the libs are not getting; obamacare = 1,700+ pages, tax code = 16,000+ pages, BAD! Repeal obamacare = 1 page, GOOD! Repeal tax code = 1 page, GOOD! Why must they make everything so difficult? If we can’t shoot tourists during tourist season how about libs? Anyway, back to the point, the Republicans seem to be grasping the concept here. No more long convoluted legislation. If it’s that long and rambling it’s wrong.

Another thing, the libs always do this multi-pronged attack. They want a free lunch here and a free lunch there, here a lunch, there a lunch, everywhere a lunch, lunch. Come on conservatives stick it to them just like this. Repeal welfare. Really. Write the bill and call it “Repeal of Family Killing Anti Marriage Law”. Remember, you heard it first here. The name may be different but this is in the future. Then go with the “Repeal of the Life Sucking Income Tax Law”. You get the idea, go right back to the times of Wilson with this and work it all.

Here’s the straight deal. We keep hearing all this lip service about cutting spending and lowering taxes, well here’s the deal conservatives. Do it now. Do it now or we’ll find someone who can. The game is over and we have had enough. We won’t just go away this time. We can’t. We have nothing left to go to. So do our bidding or get the heck out. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Toilet Talk

January 5, 2011

Our friends, the environmentalists, have a goal that should be the envy of every despot out there. they want to ban flush toilets. That’s right, the pride of John Crapper. They want it outlawed. Then I will be an outlaw. I’ll tell you that much right now. I am not bringing this to you for its own sake but as a reference as to just how totally insane these self loathing tree hugger types are.

A while back I read an article somewhere about the sick hippie who was going in a five gallon bucket and then hauling it out to a contraption he had built to compost and putting it in the middle. It was just sickening. While researching this article I came across several similar articles but could not find the original. From what I can glean from the internet he may have been sued or even jailed for this. In addition to being sickening it is just not a good idea.

I was not going to include any articles for you but I have reconsidered and will include some links. Again, this is just to demonstrate how twisted these environmentalist types are. Please don’t do anything like this. One theme I’ve noticed all through this is that these people have some sort of idea that they deserve some sort of free ride or something. They all seem to be either trespassing or homesteading or just plain living in the national forest. I guess what I’m trying to say is that they are all trying to live for free.

Ok. That last guy was suffering from lack of a proper restroom this next one has a plan in mind. Check it here. I really don’t want to know but I have to say, what the heck is an urban forager and grower. Ut,ut,ut. I said I really didn’t want to know I am just bringing this little gem to your attention. And now, for the site you’ve been waiting for. Be sure to go here and don’t miss the video with Flushie. Here‘s one more group of sickies for you. If you’ve had enough and you believe I’m not sh…..g you I’ll end the barrage now.

So, in review, I think you’ll agree that something a little crazy is going on here. I realize that the Republicans have control of the House now but the crazy dictator is still in the White House and the sleazy thief is still running the Senate and they are trying to outlaw the filibuster as we speak. So please, call your Senator and tell them that this is just not acceptable. We need this tool to keep Obamastein at bay for the next two years. Until next time, screw environmentalists.