What’s In A Name

I have, on occasion, had a little snark about not getting names right. Or even just plain changing names. One in question is why I call Barack Hussein Obama, Chairman Zero. That one’s simple. He’s a Mao Zedong fan. It was an easy jump from Obama to O to Zero. So you take Chairman Mao and modify to Chairman Zero. Other than a few politicians and commies that I treat this way I reserve it for people like the Tuscon freak.

The Ministry of Propaganda (media) makes heroes and celebrities out of these people and I will not play along. Jerry Lockhorn, or whatever his name is, is a freak with a problem. A left-leaning freak, from what I hear. Major Hassan “Paininthebutt’ in Texas is another one. He is a twisted mooslim terrorist and that is all I will describe him as. It’s good enough for him. Not only do I take the time to get their names correct and know them myself, I take great care to try and twist it into something that may piss them off and hopefully stick.

I have long refered to the man who invented the internet as Algore. One word like the character played by Marty Feldman in ‘Young Frankenstein”. You see, when he was doing all that freak stuff about ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ and ‘the science is settled’ and what not it made me think of him in that way so I just named him. That was way back before global warming was exposed as a scam when I first discovered that the ethanol crap was eating the inside of my fuel lines and clogging my carburetor. He has since admitted his error but the name remains.

With the politicians it’s more about giving them a name that expresses their inner thoughts and desires like Algore with his crazy science and Zero with his communist plans. But the freaks…that’s about moving them as quickly as possible to the forgotten pile. If they just got stuck in prison or executed with the number given them by the correctional system then #4252388 would not get nearly as much fame as, say Jack Ruby. That is where I would like to go with this but I think Katie Couric has other ideas. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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