Eligibility Proof

The ‘birther’ controversy drones on. I have told you before, that ship has sailed. Zero is our President for better or worse until we throw him out in 2012. Get used to it unless you can get him impeached and that’s not likely with a Harry Reid Senate. Besides, “Ol’ Joe” will be worse. Trust me.But the thing that I find really amazing is that ten, that’s right, TEN, States are making a law about this. Why are they making a law for something that doesn’t need a law? See that here.

Here’s the break down. First go here and read this. Now. That IS the Constitution of the United States and it IS the law of the land whether Zero likes it or not. Why did no one bother to check his ID when he signed up. Every darn State should have made him produce this stuff before he even got on their primary ballot. Am I just stupid or does this make perfect sence? I always thought you had to put these kinds of things up before you even got to play the game, kind of like an ante.

If this does indeed make sence how about everybody within reach of this article contact their Representative and mention it to them. Here‘s where you can do that. Contact your State officials as well. The Governor might be a good candidate for this information. Everybody out there from local mayors right across the board. As Candidate Obama, unable to get on the ballot in forty-three States he would not have been so formidable. Do you agree?

What strain of stupid is causing all this to happen. Is it just laziness or do we have some sort of real problem here in the land of the free? The reason I ask is because this is taking a great deal of time and energy away from other, more important areas. Sometimes I think Zero has people out there that stir this pot every so often just to keep fools working on it.

A final word on the stupid invading this country. I was in a grocery store one time and I asked a young man working with the carts by the door if he knew what time it was. He looked at me for a long time and turned his head to the right and to the left grimacing the whole time. Finally I asked him if he knew or not. He straightened up and told me there was a clock above the door behind me but he could not read it. I looked and it was a clock with hands on it. This kid had made it all the way through school and was at an age where he could get a job, but he could only read a digital clock. This was in the eighties. This kid could be Obama. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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