State Ot The…zzzzzzz

It’s fairly well-known that I can’t listen to Dear Leader for more than 30 seconds without developing a throbbing migraine. I did try to put on the subtitles for the deaf but I found it to be too much while I was trying to get things done to have to keep reading all those uh’s and ah’s. So, I had to resort to reading a transcript. Talk about boring. See that here. Here for the libs. What a snooze-fest. I tried for six hours to read this thing and ended up just scanning it. Really. I kept falling asleep.

But seriously folks, the high points (if you can call them that, really just bumps) have been beaten to death all day long. I think the most ironic thing here was the Sputnik moment crap after all the rhetoric about technology and what not. Sputnik was a piece of crap, your watch has more technology than Sputnik did. We had programs in the works and the Explorer 1 was launched three months later with as much technology just for bragging rights but Telstar launched in ’61 was far superior. Leave it to a despot to use antiquated and inferior technology to try to inspire the ‘unwashed masses’. Especially when he is the one using NASA to spread good will to mooslims. How does that even figure? I mean what does NASA have to do with diplomacy?

As we struggle to rid the civilized world of infestations like obamacare let us not forget this crap in 2012. Keep your eyes on the prise. I’m telling you straight out, even though his speech was a bomb we need to remember this guy and Biden, with that big dumb grin, giving him the vulgar congratulation upon its passing. He will keep trying this shuffle to the center crap but he is the same commie he has always been. He is not the genius that did these things just to awaken the American people to go to the polls in 2010 and throw the bums out. HE BELIEVES IN IT! And don’t you forget it.

I was quite perplexed that some of the newly elected were involved in this date night thing. I wanted to just e-mail them and scold them but I figured better to see who’s going to fold now so we’ll be ready for 2012. More on this as it becomes available. So far the seating thing is a mystery to me. No data.

One question I have for you. Can anyone think of anything he DIDN’T rip on? We are just a bunch of backwoods losers in his opinion aren’t we? We can’t seem to do anything right. Here and now I am imploring you to remember all this in 2012. Stay mad and help others to stay that way. I don’t want to see this guy and his kind cut to a minimum. I want to see them vacuuming ashtrays at the car wash. I want no more of them ever in politics. I want them out of this country for good. There is no room for tolerance of this kind of thing. If they don’t kill us we must remove them from office. It just makes me sick to hear him blame all this on we the people when he is directly responsible for most of it and his colleagues are responsible for the rest. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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