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Mitt For Prez

January 25, 2011

That title should really have a question mark, but Mitt topped the short list in New Hampshire. See that here. Then the next line says, “Does that mean anything?” Well, let’s look into that. Let’s think back…back…back. What happened when Carter got elected? Richard Nixon was impeached and resigned leaving Gerald Ford to run things. Who? What? You remember, Ford. Not the car the President. Ok. Ok. So he wasn’t too popular, he did a good job, right? He did… He created… He got along with the libs… Well, he didn’t screw anything up, did he? My point is, Gerald Ford is how Jimmy Carter got elected.

Flash ahead to 1992. How did Clinton get elected? Can you say, “Read my lips. No new taxes.”? Yeah. George H. W. Bush could. He was weak and wishy-washy but he was the incumbent so the Republicans trotted him out for another shot at mediocre, left-leaning leadership(?) and what happened? The guy who invented the internet and Slick Willy soundly trounced him. Don’t argue, they had more than twice the votes. It wasn’t close and Perot didn’t cost him the race. Basically, he sucked.

Now. It’s 2008 and some guy with two weeks experience as a junior Senator from Illinois gets elected. Can you tell me why? Think. Think hard. Think some more. Can you say farthest left-leaning, most wishy-washy, ‘didn’t screw anything up’ guy ever? He nearly equalled the whooping G.H.W. Bush took and had it not been for Sarah Palin and the absence of a Perot type spoiler he probably would have set some kind of record. That’s right Grasshopper, the esteemed Senator from Arizona, and devoted student of Rodney King, John ‘can’t we all just get along’ McCain.

There you have the history of how to get, in the immortal words of BHO, shellacked. These are colossal losers for a reason. What is that reason? I tried to clearly spell it out at every turn but here it is again, in no uncertain terms. LEFT-LEANING. Got it? The American people, and Republicans in particular, are sick and tired of having two socialists up there come election time. If you trot out Mitt in 2012 you guarantee BHO is a two term President and I move to New Zealand to watch your demise from afar.

One last thing. Blacks make up about 12% of the population and libs (which will be including most of those blacks) makes up about 14%. These two groups combined could not have elected Chairman Zero. The Ministry of Propaganda can spew feces all day and night but the group with so many names will be back in 2012 to make things right. So silent majority, tea partiers, working class, whatever you want to go by, remember that we are about 80% of the populace so fear not. Until next time, screw environmentalists.