Get “Carry”ed Away

As most of you know if there is any restriction placed on a law biding citizen carrying a bazooka down main street it is an infringement of the Second Amendment as I see it. That Amendment wasn’t put in there for hunting or some lame home defence crap. It was put in there as a final defence against a gubmint gone wild. So, anything less than citizens being free to carry any and all items available to the military is an infringement. Period. It’s just that simple. Also, I have never had any desire for a “concealed carry” permit or anything like it as I think it could be construed as a contract with the gubmint to relinquish some of your Second Amendment right.

Now. With that stated clearly. Let’s move to this freak in Tuscon. Jared Lockhorn or whatever. This is where I break from the Ministry of Propaganda (media). They want to get his name right and everything else, I couldn’t care less what his name is and you sure won’t see a picture here. I don’t want him to be known far and wide. I want him to be refered to as that left-wing nutbag, so for the rest of this post that is how I will refer to him.

He is not connected to the tea party or talk radio or even right-wing. He is indeed a left-wing nutbag and still, nobody knows why he did what he did. The only thing for certain is that Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh didn’t get him to do it. Now, the point I would like to make here is to connect the dots as they have been presented in this post. (That is always my intent but I sometimes wander off the trail.)

The point being that this left-wing nutbag is a total loser. He is a loser at everything. And this, to me, is the reason for gun control. Let me break that down. In a perfect world where carrying weapons is as I stated in the first paragraph this left-wing nutbag would have, yet again, been outclassed by 99% of the people on the street. But thanks to liberal meddling from, no doubt, Sheriff Dipstick, among others, he was able to purchase a viable weapon and inflict maximum damage, safe in the knowledge that few were able to defend themselves.

And now, as Limbaugh so eloquently named them, the new castrati (libs) have called for a ban on those evil high-capacity magazines (still looking for that sarcasm font). This has always puzzled me. Libs recoil from a gun laying in a drawer like it is a coiled viper ready to strike. Why is that? It is no more deadly than a hammer or a steak knife. A left-wing nutbag has to get ahold of it and handle it improperly before it is a danger. But none the less they want to infringe on my Second Amendment right and I will have none of it.

112 Congress. Here’s what I expect. After obamacare and light bulb bans I want to see a full repeal of ALL federal laws regarding firearms as well as the disbandment of the ATF. Thank you for your cooperation. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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