What If They Left

I recently received an e-mail with a title like this. It started with an affidavit looking thing by some “journalist” who claimed to have interviewed a visiting Mexican journalist. It went on to state that the Mexican journalist had posed a question, “Illegals pay rent, buy groceries and clothing, what happens to your country’s economy if 20 million people go away?” The “journalist” claimed to have done their due diligence and buried their nose in the facts.

What followed was a list of entitlements that would be better off, with figures to back it up, but no true answer to the question posed. While I agree with the facts stated I got to wondering about the question posed. Would we truly be better off if these people left? The answer is, of course, we would, but I still want answers to the question. How much revenue would be lost?

To get my answers I used the figures quoted and did some fast and dirty calculations. First 20 million illegals, let’s say an average family of four so that’s 5 million homes with an average payment of $500.00 a month. We’re looking at a potential loss of revenue of $2.5 billion a month. Who’d of thunk that? Let’s move along with an average grocery bill of $100.00 a week. That’s $2 billion a month. What’s going on here? Finally the clothes purchase. I’m extremely frugal when it comes to clothes. I don’t think I have a single name brand and I wear stuff forever and still I’m good for about $50.00 a month so realistically we’re probably looking at $100.00 a month per illegal for a total of $2 billion. How can this be?

So, just to be conservative, I’ll be liberal if you’d rather, let’s double these figures to reflect the 40 million illegals figure being tossed about, we have a total of $13 billion a month or $156 billion a year. This proves the point as the total for the entitlements alone is $538.3 billion a year and that’s based on the 20 million illegals so you’d really have to double it to be fair. Case closed, illegals dismissed. until next time, screw environmentalists.

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