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Pitted Against Each Other

January 14, 2011

That title is part of a line from one of Chairman Zero’s illustrious speeches. I believe the entire line involved something regarding Americans being treated like dogs and pitted against each other fighting for scraps. I don’t know I can only listen to about thirty seconds of him at a time and then I have to observe absolute silence for an hour or my brain will bleed to death and I’ll become a Democrat or something.

My point here is that this is exactly what Dear Leader desires. The old adage goes ‘united we stand, divided we fall’, and he wants us to fall and be ruled by him, a civil servant. He doesn’t seem to grasp that, as most of the recent inductees into the tax and spend hall of fame don’t. A Presidency that should have united more Americans than any before has created more racial unrest than this cowboy has ever seen. I mean EVER. It’s tight right now and things are ready to snap. I get sick of the racial rhetoric on both sides and the lines are clearly drawn for some reason.

People. Here is the thing. We have to stay off our butts and make this work. We came together to do the 2010 election. Now we have to keep our eyes on the prize. The 2012 election. The evil forces of socialism are trying their best to pry us apart. They keep throwing crap in our path. Crap like you’re black and I’m white. I am different than you, and he’s different from us. But when we saw our chance to get out from under their thumb, we took it, and it has them scared to death.

The poor didn’t elect Zero. The wealthy didn’t elect Bush. Blacks didn’t elect Zero. Whites didn’t elect Bush. We the people, the middle class. The ones who work for a living and pay our way as well as the way of several others. We’re the ones who elected these shysters. You see, here’s the dirty little secret that they don’t want you to find out. This is the profundity that will set you free forever. Once you grasp it’s truth. They play you like a cheap harmonica. Every election is the same. You don’t vote in the primary, if you’re even registered in a party, because you don’t think it makes that much difference and you might miss six dollars worth of work that ends up costing you a thousand in taxes. But I digress. You don’t vote in the primary then you are unhappy with your choices in the general election so you don’t vote again, just to teach them. Or worse yet, you cross over and vote against them to teach them a lesson.

Now comes the secret part. They have already learned the lesson. It is being taught in colleges and universities around the world. How many of you actually have any kind of degree, much less a doctorate. That’s what I thought, three. The lesson being plan ahead. Pure and simple. Most people don’t even like to think about politics much less plan for it. So they have beaten you before you even get to the polls. You are going to get a choice, as they said on South Park, between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. And either of them will do the bidding of the powers that be to maintain the status quo. It’s simple folks, if you want to keep on getting what you’re getting, keep on doing what you’re doing. Until next time, screw environmentalists.