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The Plight Of Arizona

January 11, 2011

How did a once strong State come to be in this condition? It wasn’t bad enough that they have an illegal alien problem. Then there’s the whole “boycott” thing. Anybody heard anything about that? I didn’t think so. Stuff like that usually sounds good to libs but they rarely have the stuff to keep it up for long.

Now they are plagued with this rouge Sheriff attempting to go toe to toe with Limbaugh. I hear Dipstick or Dupcheck or whatever the heck his name is has singled Rush out as the one now responsible for the shooting. Is that a lib view or what? He truly is a dipstick. I wonder how that’s working out for him?

I’m just starting to think that Arizona can’t buy a break. Here‘s the skinny on Sheriff Dupnik. Now remember, this is HIS website. Some of these entries are downright offensive to me. He seems to be the consummate gubmint suck a$$. I’m embarrassed for him. The only FEMA SWAT team? Did he ever wonder why? But I digress. Just for fun I went to the Sheriff’s translator in the upper right corner and translated into Hindi. It was pretty but it didn’t get any better.

Of course he was appointed for his first term because I doubt he would have been elected and now the sheeple have elected him for six, count ’em, six terms. And he was one of the first to hop all over the State law on illegal aliens. Here‘s a little something from Arianna on that. I hate linking to her site but if you want something Liberace gay you almost have to. Also I would like to ask each and every one of you out there to go back to calling them illegal aliens as calling them any kind of immigrant is just wrong and harmful to real immigrants who work extremely hard and pay large sums of money to be a citizen.

One thing to watch closely here is your Second Amendment rights. These people are ready to go on this and this is just the kind of crisis that they don’t want to let go to waste. Somebodies congresscritter has already introduced legislation that the newly elected need to be reminded to slap down. You might want to fax, call or e-mail your particular Representative regarding the meaning of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. If you need that address click here.

┬áLastly, where do you think Pima County is located in Arizona? Here‘s your answer. Isn’t that just ducky? Front and center in the border battle. With this guy responsible for security it’s no wonder we have forty million of them running around on food stamps and social insecurity. This is what happens when you allow renters to vote. Oh well, more on that later. Until next time, screw environmentalists.