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Toilet Talk

January 5, 2011

Our friends, the environmentalists, have a goal that should be the envy of every despot out there. they want to ban flush toilets. That’s right, the pride of John Crapper. They want it outlawed. Then I will be an outlaw. I’ll tell you that much right now. I am not bringing this to you for its own sake but as a reference as to just how totally insane these self loathing tree hugger types are.

A while back I read an article somewhere about the sick hippie who was going in a five gallon bucket and then hauling it out to a contraption he had built to compost and putting it in the middle. It was just sickening. While researching this article I came across several similar articles but could not find the original. From what I can glean from the internet he may have been sued or even jailed for this. In addition to being sickening it is just not a good idea.

I was not going to include any articles for you but I have reconsidered and will include some links. Again, this is just to demonstrate how twisted these environmentalist types are. Please don’t do anything like this. One theme I’ve noticed all through this is that these people have some sort of idea that they deserve some sort of free ride or something. They all seem to be either trespassing or homesteading or just plain living in the national forest. I guess what I’m trying to say is that they are all trying to live for free.

Ok. That last guy was suffering from lack of a proper restroom this next one has a plan in mind. Check it here. I really don’t want to know but I have to say, what the heck is an urban¬†forager and grower. Ut,ut,ut. I said I really didn’t want to know I am just bringing this little gem to your attention. And now, for the site you’ve been waiting for. Be sure to go here and don’t miss the video with Flushie. Here‘s one more group of sickies for you. If you’ve had enough and you believe I’m not sh…..g you I’ll end the barrage now.

So, in review, I think you’ll agree that something a little crazy is going on here. I realize that the Republicans have control of the House now but the crazy dictator is still in the White House and the sleazy thief is still running the Senate and they are trying to outlaw the filibuster as we speak. So please, call your Senator and tell them that this is just not acceptable. We need this tool to keep Obamastein at bay for the next two years. Until next time, screw environmentalists.