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Birds Fall From The Sky

January 3, 2011

I have heard reports of 1,000 to 6,000 blackbirds falling from the sky. I believe this article sums it up best. Now I have my theories on this, first off, I noticed that Californians are so dumb…How dumb are they?… They are so dumb that they voted out the Gubinator and voted Moonbeam back in. Bad taste or slim pickings? No really. Gov, Jerry returned to the Guvners mansion today I believe. See that here. That could be just the stresser these birds needed to put them over the edge and into deadsville.

If that isn’t enough here is another story from Arkansas that will have you scratching your head. Now the fish are kicking the bucket. 100,000 of them committed mass suicide I guess. Hey, it’s as good as any theory I’ve seen put forth up to now. The wildlife in Arkansas is certainly taking this guvner thing in the land of fruits and nuts pretty seriously aren’t they? But I do have other theories.

Here‘s one that will knot your thong. I can’t take anymore of these progressives myself, I can only imagine the impact this kind of thing would have on a poor fish or bird. You see, what they’re trying to pull here is to alter the way our Senate works for their benefit. Apparently stopping and taking time to review things is not their idea of doing a good job. Ramming dumb stuff through haphazardly is their normal way of doing business as evidenced by welfare, unemployment, social insecurity, medicare and the ever popular dream act. Honestly that last one is not here yet but you can probably hold your breath for it as the colleges are already doing it in their own way.

But back to the demise of our wildlife, I don’t think college funding for illegals is the stresser that sent these poor animals over the edge although I’m getting darn close. No, I think we might want to be looking at something more close to them…say the scam that is global warming. That’s right fans, Chairman Zero is pressing on undaunted by reports that global warming is indeed a scam and everyone knows it. Don’t believe? Look here. Can anyone explain to me why the EPA still exists? These socialists sure are dogged when they get their pointy heads into the wind aren’t they? Now truly, this is the kind of thing that could make a bird or a fish come unglued, do you agree?

Well this has been all over the media and I think it’s time I revealed my number one theory for the carnage in Arkansas. We have been overlooking the obvious here. This occurred in a particularly “redneck” area of the country. It happened on New Years Eve about 11:30 PM. What starts happening about this time on New Years Eve? That’s right, the Rednecks grab their blunderbus and lean out the door of the trailer and discharge a few rounds. The birds, first to die, were hit by up going shot and the fish were hit by the fallout (which would be lead going into the water). Mystery solved. Until next time, screw environmentalists.