Are These Blizzard Casualties

You are just 22 years old. You’re stranded in the snow. And you’re pregnant. You think the baby is coming so you call 911. You wait. And you wait. And you wait. The baby is coming. There is nothing you can do, you are going to have it right here in the lobby of your apartment building. Neighbors try to help but nobody really knows what to do. Maybe everything will go well and it will just be a natural thing.

No. It’s not going well. It has been 9 hours since you called 911. They are finally here. Your baby is “unconscious and non responsive”. That doesn’t sound good. The lobby is covered with your blood. You are not happy but you know there is nothing they can do. It’s a blizzard. Nothing could have been done. When you arrive at the hospital they pronounce your baby DOA. What a tragedy.

Your elderly mother wakes you at 8:00 AM because she can’t breath. You call 911 but can’t get through. You get your neighbors to try also and after twenty minutes somebody gets through. Help is on the way. Three hours later, when they finally show up, your mother is dead. Another tragedy. Read about these and more here.

Were these truly tragedies, or could they have been prevented? Read this. I didn’t hear anything about a union slow down in the first story did you? My whole life I have not been fond of unions. It started with the Soviet Union. Then, after that, anything that had union in it I did not think could be good. I recall reading somewhere that one of these deaths is being “looked into”. Does that mean charges will be forthcoming, because I am sick and tired of these unions coming in and disrupting our lives. I think the charges should be conspiracy and should be leveled against everyone involved from the top levels to the guy not dropping his plow.

In defence of the guy not dropping his plow on other roads, if you do that you will wear out your cutting edge on the blade and they will be all over you for abusing your equipment. They know how long it will last so you better just stick to your assigned route, but that don’t explain not dropping it on your road. Does that sound like good business? Whether it does or not that’s the way it has been set up. Think about that at election time and pull up next to one of those pick up trucks you see running around with the union sticker on the back and flip him off. I have had the misfortune of belonging to three unions in my life and rather than help me, every one of them held me back. Think about these things next time you look for the union label. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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