Hurricane Or Blizzard

Honestly, from the satellite photos you often can’t tell the difference. A blizzard looks just like a hurricane from space. The rotation is there, the clouds with precipitation, the size. They’re huge, often a thousand miles across. The winds are just as fierce. The only difference seems to be temperature. And, I don’t think blizzards are as well-organized, you don’t really see the eye and then the reverse wind as prominently.

Every time I get one of those e-mails about how BF Egypt is getting twenty-one inches of snow and power is out to one hundred thousand, my heart goes out to them because I have been there and I know how it is. Then comes the smug crap about how there is no sign of looters and crime and how people are helping one another. Yeah, how can the whole northeast be engulfed in a blizzard and there is so little looting and crime? I know a lot of conservatives are out there right know with a smug look on their face thinking for one reason or another that this is the case but here’s the dirty little secret. It’s just too darn cold.

That’s right. Love it or hate it, you know it’s true. maybe you just never realized it but here’s the thing, it’s a lot harder to steal TV’s when it’s seven degrees than when it’s seventy and it’s a lot easier to walk through two feet of water than two feet of snow. In addition those with the means don’t often run from a blizzard they stay put at home and try to keep their pipes from freezing and destroying their homes, so you don’t really have the vacant buildings with blizzards that you do with hurricanes. See, no racist undertone.

Now that we have that out of the way I’d like to know how many casualties there are in blizzards in relation to how many there are in hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina was made out as this giant killing machine but I think there have been several blizzards with as many deaths. The problem is I can’t tell you about them because blizzards don’t have names. Why is that? Hey? Weather type guys? Why don’t you name the blizzards? Is this a racist thing because blizzards are white? Whoa. Got you there didn’t I? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

PS: Blizzards are NOT the result of global warming. Honest.

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