A Little Here, A Little There

Death panels are all the rage today. Everywhere I go that’s what I hear. “They’re paid by medicare!” “Doctors get paid to consult with people and advise them to die!” “Ahh! They couldn’t pass obamacare with them in so they wrote them in the rules after the fact instead!” “Oh no! Now they can write anything in there that they want!” It was like Chicken Little, running around screaming about the end of America as we know it. Hey! Chicken Little! I got a news flash for you! This is how it’s always been.

Yeah. That’s what I said. It’s always been like this. That’s why I think Chairman Zero is the greatest President of the last century. Because of his “audacity” (pun intended) things like this are being brought out into the light of day. Do you think maybe this is what he meant by “transparency”? Perhaps he is a genius and this is his way of exposing all the corruption used by congresscritters. Now isn’t that a perplexing thought. B.H.O. Our savior.

Now we’re going to get down to grinding it out. Here’s the meat. For my entire lifetime I have watched this happen. As a youngster I was called everything from heartless to an idiot for pointing it out. But here, once again, is how it has happened for over a hundred years that I know of. The libs have an objective. Any objective. Say taking schooling away from the peasants. Now, if they just came out and said we want you peasants to quit teaching your children to read and write and do math, the outcry would be gargantuan. So they do a little bit here and a little bit there. And after a hundred years our gubmint schools are turning out idiots. Are you seeing the big picture now?

Let me see if I can put a little more shine on that. In 1910 how many children attended school? How many attended private schools? How many attended gubmint schools? Is anyone out there suffering under the illusion that gubmint schools give the same level of education as private schools? Perhaps at one time they did but that day is far behind us now. The first thing the libs did was get it mandated that all children MUST attend school. In 1910 a child could work with his father and learn a trade that would carry him comfortably through his entire life and never attend a day of school. They probably still could but that would be child endangerment or some thing.

Once they had the unwashed masses bound to their indoctrination centers (gubmint schools) for twelve years they began to whittle away at the quality of education. History changed, ever so slightly each year. Math got “friendlier”, spelling became more “phonetic”. What the heck is that anyway? If little Frank was smarter than little Jeremy the playing field needed to be leveled. Jeremy was given a B and Frank was told to ease up, slack off, take it easy. You’re making it hard on everyone. Don’t try and tell me this didn’t happen because I was little Frank. There was another sentence here describing a horrible fate for those people but I had to remove it, anyway, hippies suck!

That is the plan for education. They are doing it. They have this type of plan for everything. Healthcare, welfare, housing the whole gamut. They are trying to dumb the United States down to the level of the third world. Level the playing field, if you will. You don’t have to have suffered it to see it happening. Look around you. Here’s what I want you to do when you see it. Take it back. A little at a time. Do you save a thousand dollars by getting it all at once or do you save it ten, fifteen twenty dollars at a time? Take your pound of flesh when you can. Make the filthy hippies give it back to you. They will be extremely grudging when they have to give you what is rightfully yours so expect that. But make sure you take everything. A little at a time taken by the silent majority will bankrupt this BS. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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