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The Liberal Disease

December 24, 2010

For years I have lamented, “What’s wrong with them?”, now I know. According to Dr. Lyle Rossiter they are quite mad. Insane, if you will. I refer, of course, to liberals. For years I have suspected that homos were mentally unstable. It just seemed like every one I knew or even heard about in the media came with a whole celebrity nutbag of problems. But now here’s some actual scientific evidence that it’s true. And not just homos but the whole lot of them. That sure explains a lot.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I know we all struggle with things. God knows I am no exception to this. But we deal with things in the right way. Libs seem to want someone else to take care of everything for them (usually the gubmint) and, for the life of me, this is one of the things I struggle with. Why? Why could they possibly think that the gubmint A) should take care of things for them and B) can do it better than they could themselves? Is this a conundrum or what?

Dr. Rossiter’s book, ” ‘The Liberal Mind’ will empower you to understand why the political madness of modern liberalism is destroying individual liberty in all corners of the world.” That is a direct quote from the web site (here) that I wanted to point out to you. I have not read this book so I can not recommend it yet, but I sure am going to.

Dr. Rossiter actually received his degree from Chicago University (now that’s scary) and is still able to function properly. See here. In addition to the aforementioned liberal shortcomings the book also ‘explains how children become competent adults able to live effectively in a free society.’ That to is a direct quote, and something I would like to read.

From this point forward I am going to conduct myself according to this knowledge. They are insane and I will treat them as such from Chairman Zero on down to the lowliest of third generation welfare recipient. Until next time, don’t relent just because they are nuts, screw those insane environmentalists.