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The Golden Rule

December 23, 2010

Was there any question as to whether Rahm Emanuel would be Mayor of Chicago? Of course they said that in spite of living in DC for the last year he is a Chicago resident. See that here. This brings me to my point, do you think they would have said the same about me? Or you? Of course not because of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule states, “He that has the gold, makes the rules.” Is that simple enough for you?

Throughout history who has kept the records? Was it the rank and file populace so that we had a real depiction of life or was it the guys with the gold? Kings, dictators, and emperors? And how do they get that gold? They fleece it from the people. Is that what they call the golden fleece? There is no other way this type of person can get the gold. Let me give you a scenario. You’re on trial for your life. You are accused of committing murder. And the judge says the trial has to be over in four weeks because she’s going on vacation. WHAT? Yeah. It’s true. See here.

Did you see the calloused way she dismissed the whole thing like her vacation was the focus of everybodies life. She said she “admonished ” them several times to speed things up. HEY! BEOTCH! I’M ON TRIAL FOR  MY LIFE HERE! These kind of things rarely happen to me because I would have made it MY life’s focus to see her working at the local car wash vacuuming ash trays until she was old and gray. Yes, take away their gold and they no longer make the rules. What? Were you suffering under the illusion that you lived in a free country or some such thing?

Get real. They give you a few trinkets. Tokens of freedom. A gun, but not a real gun like their army carries, a Sears gun that only holds seven rounds. What are you going to do with that, blow your head off before they can take you alive? The founding Fathers intended for us to be able to buy, own and carry everything the military has access to. That was the purpose of the Second Amendment. As a final defense to a totalitarian gubmint like the one we are currently experiencing.

Finally, the feds are not supposed to own land. Yeah, it’s really not something they’re supposed to be doing. Check your pocket constitution. It’s in there, specifically spelled out as to what land they can own and no where are vast tracts mentioned like the ones they are trying to control here. I believe you’ll find Teddy Roosevelt started this crap. I’m really growing tired of these treasonous…….. Well, enough said there. That would be our other trinket of freedom. We own land. Or do we? Do you really own your home? What if you don’t pay the mortgage? I believe Jefferson had something to say about banking institutions and standing armies.

OK, so you paid off your mortgage. Feeling pretty smug right now? Try not paying your taxes. As the holder of the gold I can tax you right out of that home you think you own. Anyway, that’s my take on the golden rule. If you disagree or don’t like it let me know. Until next time, screw environmentalists.