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December 1, 2010

A guy made a threat to kill Zero in an e-mail and they arrested him. Seems like there were a lot of libs out there that used to threaten Bush all the time, they even made a movie about it. I saw a story the other day where death threats are four hundred times as many for Zero than they were for Bush. Personally I don’t believe that. I keep envisioning this country without all these Eurolibs hanging around spreading all their communist BS. This would have been an excellent opportunity to get rid of some of them. Too bad Bush was so wishy-washy. Had he been a real patriot we might have arrested these subversives and imprisoned them. It always looks so easy in hindsight doesn’t it?

The thing is everybody has such thin skin now they are afraid of what the “media” might say. I say who gives a rats wazoo. It couldn’t have been any worse, and had Katie Couric or George Steponallofus gotten themselves thrown in a cell with some sex offender that might have given the rest of them a healthy respect for what could happen. That’s certainly what they need. Talk about something you’ll never really hear. Aww, I’m sorry. Did I offend you with my sex offender comment? Good.

Here‘s some nice stuff on threats against Bush. You see this is all just a small part of a much bigger problem. The libs are always doing this. I know people who are so afraid to say anything about anything because some lib will swoop down on them and call them racist or something. Well to heck with all of that. Maybe I’ll just start saying all those things here so that everybody can get used to hearing it and I will take the heat for it from the gay libs.

To start the ball rolling Obama is half black and I hate him because of his communist ideas. I hate his white side just as much as his black side and frankly, if he were all black, all white, or just plain yellow I would still hate him because he’s a communist. That’s right, he’s not a progressive or a socialist, he’s a full-fledged (maybe even card-carrying) communist. That is the agenda he is forwarding so let’s call a spade a spade (You like that one?).

Next is this thing that says liberals are alway on the right side. That is never right. They just yell it louder so I recommend that the next time some filthy hippie is backing you into a corner yelling racist at the top of his dope suppressed lungs that you turn it right back on him. I know it’s embarrassing to be such an as… such a jerk but it’s the only way we will turn this around. So with this in mind, until next time, screw environmentalists.