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Repeal The Ban

November 10, 2010

I was quite put out when they told me that I would have to change all my light bulbs to the little pig tail looking things. I HATE them. They are so slow to come on and then the light is miserable and harsh. So, I have been stockpiling incandescent bulbs for about a year now. Every time I go to the store and see them I buy a pack. I was hoping to get enough to supply myself at least until I die.

What is the estimated savings here anyway? GE, the company who has the monopoly on these pieces of feces, has a handy little calculator here. According to their voodoo I’m going to save $178 a year. That will offset some of the cost I will rack up by stubbing my toes, walking into doors and going blind. Not to mention peeing all over the bathroom at night because the stupid bulb won’t light up fast enough. Isn’t technology wonderful? I’m sure future generations will thank us for this innovative item (still looking for that sarcasm font, Boss).

Just when I thought it couldn’t be any more depressing in walked Rep. Joe Barton (R) of Texas followed by Reps. Marsha Blackburn (R) of Tennessee and Michael C. Burgess (R) of Texas with H.R.6144. What a wonderful piece of legislation. No, it’s not the impeachment of Chairman Zero and no it’s not the repeal of obamacare. It’s the repeal of the lightbulb ban. (Insert favorite victory song here.)

Yeah. Yeah. The bill has been introduced but there’s a little sticking point. It’s stuck in committee. The Energy and Commerce Committee to be exact. The committee chaired by Rep. Henry Waxman (D) of California. Yes the very same Henry Waxman who has been instrumental in attempting to perpetrate the global warming scam on the American people. Now, should you feel the need to contact Rep. Waxman to say, oh, I don’t know, cuss him out for not getting this bill passed right away, you can go here. Should you feel the need to contact any of our other fine Representatives, for whatever reason, you can go here.

With that said let’s forge ahead with the clean up and disposal procedures for these toxic pieces of garbage. Now I have heard that if you break one of these little gems that you need to cut the carpet out of your house and dispose of it as you would with any item contaminated with toxic chemicals. Well, that’s not quite true. You can keep your carpet but you need to throw away the clothes you wear when you clean your carpet. When you vacuum you need to throw the bag away. For actual clean up procedures go here. Now that’s from the gubmint so you know it must be true, right? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

PS: I will be gone for a week. Be back next Thursday.

Quantitative Easing

November 9, 2010

Ok. A show of hands, how many know what this means? Two. Ok. Here’s the story. Quantitative easing is a benign name for an insane practice where a central bank (the fed) will buy up gubmint securities in an attempt to flood the market with cash to stimulate lending. The problem is that it is stupid. What happens is the gubmint pours all this cash ($600 billion in our case) into the economy and as a result there is too much money so the price of things goes through the roof. Read that as $5 a gallon gas coming at you just in time for the holidays. Thanks little Barry. Had enough yet? What say we explore just who it is that’s doing this?

The Fed, or the Federal Reserve, is the central bank of the United States. It is supposed to regulate the country’s fiscal policy to maintain economic success. Does that sound like crap to you? Yes, I think that sounds like crap. Tell me again what these jerks are doing buying up all these securities. How does that jive with what is going on? Does it sound to you like these dopes are doing exactly the wrong thing? Are they going to create runaway inflation? So. Let’s move on to just exactly who this is that’s doing this.

I have found a dandy little flow chart here but I defy you to trace it down. Now, let me just point out here that there are a lot of Schroder’s in this chart, but as you can see it is spelled differently than mine and FYI, Schroeder is the Smith of Germany. Ben Bernanke is the Chairman of the fed. He is the face and this face changes from time to time. Alan Greenspan was the Chairman of the fed for a while, you may remember that name.

As you can see from the flow chart N.M. Rothschild of London, Bank of England, is at the top. Say, didn’t we pitch those British out back in the 1700’s? What’s going on here? As an interesting sidenote I heard somewhere that the American BAR Association, you know, the thing the lawyers are always signing up with, has something to do with this bunch. I believe that BAR stands for British Advocacy Register. Try and look that one up.

Anyway, we seem to have an awful lot of British on this chart. Why is that do you suppose? Now I read somewhere that little Barry doesn’t like the British too much. If that’s so why would he be in league with them? Do you think that we might have stumbled upon the puppet masters here? Between the sinister mooslim activities and the Soros contingent we may have been duped here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Taj Mahal

November 8, 2010

So what does Chairman Zero hope to gain from his junket to India. Apparently he is selling them some of our stuff. At least that’s the story, see it here. The reported price tag of $200 million a day has been refuted by White House sources. I don’t really care but if you do you can check it out here. Then I hear that Harley Davidson will be moving to India. That’s not true. Well, not completely true. Let’s say partially true. Oh heck, just check it out here.

What I did hear is that Harley has been making their leather gear in India. Say now there’s a way to endear ourselves to the rest of the world. Apparently leather works are extremely rare (if allowed at all) in America because they tend to pollute the water quite badly. So we, in all our wisdom, have sent our most filthy companies to the third world to operate where the law allows them to dump toxins into the rivers and streams at will.

Actually I think it was another of our great policies that sent these companies packing. Corporate taxes. That’s right we regulated and taxed these businesses right over to India. The very place where Chairman Zero is schmoozing right now. What a coincidence. So, are there a lot of mooslims in India? Apparently 12% of the population. Do you think he’s going to set up the BHO Memorial Library over there?

Now if you’re sad about that Harley thing don’t worry, they were only about 9% American anyway. They were assembled here though. Here‘s an article that might shed some light on how many of the Harley parts are truly American. I don’t know, sounds pretty sketchy to me. While researching this I found a statement saying that Honda’s Gold Wing has the most American parts on it. If you check out this source you’ll quickly see why I hate the internet. No two answers seem to agree. See that here.

So back to the junket. In addition to the hotel the ocean has been commandeered. That’s right sports fans, because the hotel is water front special security arrangements had to be made with the Navy, Coast Guard and the Indian Navy. Read that “very costly”. How the heck are they going to ensure the Presidents safety from the sea. I understand people have been training jellyfish to attack him on sight. What are you going to do?

Oh well I can hear it now, Jugdeesh speaking into the portable radio phone, “Gewd moning. Velcome to Haw-ley Davidson. My name is Peggy. How may I hep you? And while I have you on de line how is your Ver-iz-on serveece?” Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Do You Believe The Libmed

November 5, 2010

Rush Limbaugh was on the radio the other day talking about the libmed (liberal media) claim that the tea party movement destroyed the Republican Party. Can anyone out there tell me what the heck they are talking about? Who are they to talk about destroying the Republican Party? The libmed has spent the last fifty years moving the Republican Party so far to the left that it can barely be distinguished from the Democrat Party. Personally I only watch the libmed to see their spin on things so I can come here and decipher it for you. For years I have not believed a thing they have said. But I digress.

All Patriots out there need to get themselves registered Republican. Now don’t come unglued, I’m not telling you how to vote or run your life or anything like that so just hear me out this will all come together in the end. Apparently Limbaugh thinks that the libmed is doing this to stop Sarah Palin. Now Limbaugh understands the tea party movement pretty good. He gets it. The libmed, on the other hand, doesn’t get it at all. They seem to think that the tea party movement is some sort of secret society and that Palin might be the leader or something so they keep lambasting her with everything they think they can pin on the tea party movement.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the tea party patriots are not listening to a word the libmed has to say. They know that it’s their votes that made this thing happen and that they will make it happen again in 2012. The libmed BS is over. Forever. So, looking ahead to 2012, patriots should consider who they will be electing in 2012. Now, as we have discovered, third-party candidates don’t fare well. And tickets like McCain/Palin don’t do much better. With all this in mind, if you don’t want to have a choice like Romney/Gingrich or Romney/Giuliani thrust on you, then registering Republican and taking control of the Party from the limp-wristed toe-tappers that have it now is about the only choice available.

Is it starting to come together? Have I broke it down for you? If so you may want to give this registering thing a try and see if we can’t just wrest control of the Party from the rinos that have it now. How about if we do this thing and then stop doing politically correct crap? Sound cool? How about if we stop electing people based on the color of their skin and use their credentials instead? Sound about right? Suppose we run on a platform of eliminating entitlements? Suppose we pay off the national debt? How about we secure our borders and throw the UN out? If any of this sounds like a good idea let’s keep our eyes on the prise for 2012. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Illegal Does Not Equal Immigrant

November 4, 2010

They’re out already and they’re not happy. The fringe is out in force and talking like they are the main stream. Well that’s just not so. Here‘s a little story about a group that registers voters. Nothing is really said out loud here but the undertone I get is that these people will get anyone registered that will vote their way. Legal citizen or not. This is just the kind of thing that needs to be exposed.

As they were shown this election cycle these fringe groups do not dictate how our country will be run. When we the people stand up together and get counted these rag-tag groups of malcontents have no say in what this country will do. If they are so unhappy they are free to take their nasty selves back to what ever armpit of the earth they fled. The big thing here is that you need to remember what happened here. Don’t let anyone give you a ration of BS, we stood up and took the country back as much as possible this election. Now we simply put the pressure on these employees of ours to do what is right until we can get them the help they need in 2012.

When I voted I had to show my driver’s license. Is that because I am an english speaking caucasian looking male? I should have dressed down and made like I couldn’t speak english just to see how they would have handled it. Now there’s a chore for some undercover reporter. Basically I think you should have to show title to land to vote and I don’t think anyone who is not a citizen of this country should be able to buy our land. That would solve a lot of problems.

So, that little story I sent you to, did you happen to look beyond the story? I did, I checked it out pretty good. Did you notice the crap that was linked to it? That was my first clue. I looked deeper and found that it’s a non-profit. That’s right, you can donate and then take it all off your taxes and in essence my tax dollars will pay for their miserable existence. This has got to stop. They are not main stream and NPR is not either. Anyway, I’m off the track here. My main goal here today is to keep you on track about what just happened. You need to stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize. We will take this country back from the commies. Yes we can! (Now that’s sweet.) Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Big W

November 3, 2010

Well the big day has come and gone and R’s are in the win column all across this great nation of ours and I know what you’re thinking. Now what? Do we wait? Are these people just warming seats until 2012? Can we actually expect to see any improvement right away? Who is the Speaker of the House now? What about Harry Reid? Will Obama be impeached? Will obamacare be repealed? Will I start getting that eight dollars back in my paycheck? Whoa! Slow down there cowpoke. We’ll get to all of that just let me get started.

First the real good news, we no longer have San Fran Nan to kick around any more. No she’s still in office but that office has reverted to the attic of Chairman Zero’s garage. The new Speaker? Well, John Boehner is the name being tossed around but to tell you the truth it could be anybody. Honest. The Speaker of the House must be elected and they don’t have to be a member of the House. They don’t even have to hold an elected position. I could be the next Speaker. But it’s a pretty safe bet that Boehner will get it because I haven’t schmoozed any body. Read more about Boehner here.

Reid’s nasty self is still in office which is not saying anything for the good people of Nevada. I was sure they had television out there but maybe the union in Vegas is just too powerful. So Democrats still own the Senate and the White House just not as free and clear as before. Briefly let’s recap and see if the American people might be a little sexist. Hillary Clinton – beat out of the Presidency, Sharron Angle – beat out of the Senate, and Christine O’Donnell – beat out of the Senate. I don’t know, you be the judge.

As for Chairman Zero and his underhanded tax scam I don’t believe the Republicans have what they need to impeach him or repeal his scam. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t give it several tries on each item. We’ve got two years here. Gridlock is all fine and dandy but making Zero veto obamacare repeals and then try to explain why would be very good and making the Senate go through impeachment trials will keep them out of trouble. Am I making sense here? Do you understand what I’m getting at? We’re giving these people $170,000.00 a year here, the least they can do is earn it.

So in answer to the important questions, no, we probably won’t be seeing that eight dollars anytime in the near future and a Biden Presidency is probably out of the question as well. As far as immediate improvement goes, I think we might be looking at some improvement because Zero has already made a cute little speech saying how he wants to “compromise”. Of course that is out of the question and Boehner has been schmoozing him about it so we need to get some e-mails off to DC and let these thieves know that we are not interested in playing nice with the commies. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

High Speed Rail

November 2, 2010

The despots dream. Chairman Zero will look stunning in his little commie cap at the helm of his “high-speed” train. Isn’t a high-speed rail one of those things that blasts across the countryside at two hundred and fifty miles an hour? From everything I can glean we won’t even be able to do one hundred miles an hour. If we indeed ever do anything but create yet another slush fund for libs. Here‘s a little story from one of the lib posts about Wisconsin’s train.

As I said back in June of 2009 (see that here) trains are one of the most inefficient ways to travel. Tickets for these things will be out of the reach of most people and many of the rest simply will not ride them due to the inconvenience that will result from not having transportation on the other end. Let me ask you, has Amtrak ever made a dollar of profit? Fact is it has been a constant drain on society since day one. Oh, were you unaware that it was a gubmint funded cluster? Yeah. High speed rail at it’s finest in Amerika. It’s already here comrade.

One of the major obstacles is the way it works, you need something called a distribution center when these things stop in a city. At the distribution center a passenger will be able to catch a bus, taxi or subway. Very few American cities are set up this way. In addition you will need to get yourself to the train in the first place. Bus or taxi will work fine but the main complaint I have heard is that there is no affordable parking near the station so what does that tell you?

You see it all comes down to control. Chairman Mao…I mean Zero knows he can’t control the populace if they can just jump in the pick up with their shotguns and go down to city hall to set the straw bosses straight. He knows that he must not only control their guns and ability to communicate but their ability to move around as well. How many times have you seen in the movies where the good guys go and get on the train, rifles in tow, and go give the evil oppressors what’s for? It’s more like the evil oppressors load the good guys on the trains and take them to the extermination camps.

Let’s go back to tickets. I see where the Wisconsin Special will cost about $75.00 round trip. I heard where the Florida Flyer will set you back about a c-note one way. And as I understand it these prices are just for the ride. We still have to get to and from the ride and do any jockeying around that needs to be done at our destination. Sounds like another c-note, minimum. And bear in mind this is just for you, as you add travel companions the cost goes up should you be responsible for them (as in spouse and offspring). So as you can see this is not the bargain form of transportation. Who’s going to be riding this crap? I suppose the same people who ride Amtrak now. Three crazy libs who are quite unaware that automobiles even exist (still in search of the illusive sarcasm font). Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Biodiversity Scam

November 1, 2010

Oh, please tell me that I’m the first one to label this a scam? Here is a darn nice article about the new scam, biodiversity. Please excuse me while I get my swamping boots on. I can see it will be getting deep on up in here. You’ll notice that the young author refers to this as “the newer, younger, sexier model”. In his lifetime I’m sure it is new but for those of you who remember the sixties and seventies this will be all to familiar with its legendary references to owls and bats and all the rest. That’s right sports fans it’s the old ‘we’re killing off things we don’t even know exists yet’ scam.

Far from the newer, younger, sexier model it’s actually the mother of all BS environmental scams. If you’ll read down in the attached article you’ll see that they’ve even got a hockey stick in Achim Steiner’s statement of ‘fact’, “Changes in biodiversity as a result of human activities were more rapid in the past fifty years than at any time in human history.” I’m guessing Achim was there in the beginning to document this (Still looking for the sarcasm font). Now they just need something cute to complete the formula. Let’s see, polar bear-taken, seal-taken… AH! Here we go. The mountain gorilla. Like the polar bear and seal, cute from a distance but capable of ruining your day at close range. Now how much would you pay!? But wait! There’s more!

The sage has spoken. Friends, this is a man willing to wax his chest to save the planet (No kidding, he really did that). Read about it here.The biodiversity not his chest, you’ll have to find that on your own. You’ll notice in there that he talks of the need to create a sense of urgency. This is a critical part of any scam. If you can’t get your mark to act quickly they will probably figure it out before they are scammed. It just seems to me that if this were a true problem it would still be a problem tomorrow, don’t you think? The funny thing is, like most of these dolts, Mr. “you need to do more for the environment” Ford doesn’t think his industry can do anything at all and therefore doesn’t need change.

Hey, how about that global warming? We really needed to hop all over that in a hurry didn’t we? Now we get the facts from a real “professor”. This guy wants to equate smoking and the global warming scam with slavery. Do they have no shame? His quote? “They have become ‘social facts’, and with that shift, action becomes possible.” – Andy Hoffman. I know what you’re thinking, “WHO!” Yeah, he’s a liberal professor out of Michigan. Ann Arbor, to be exact. Go ahead and get an eye-load of his drivel here. OK. Now that you’ve had your fill for the day I just want to say that you’ve been warned. These clowns have way too much invested in this crap to let it drop. So when I tell you that it’s not over and they will be whipping this dead horse back to life, pay attention. Look at the dates on these articles. Until next time, screw environmentalists.