It’s All Good

Contrary to the title nothing is good. Everything seems to be sucking. I read in the news where Obama was dropping cap-and-trade. I thought that was a good thing. I was happy when all the conservatives started taking the elections. I thought that was a good thing. Then I heard that the Republicans already in office were lining up staffers for the newby’s. NO! NO! Bad Republicans! Leave the newby’s alone! We want them to find their own staffers! If you keep this up we will replace you in 2012! If you would like an example of the kind of Republicans we already have in DC look here Basically we want these newby’s to NOT learn how things are done and if they have to just do absolutely nothing until we can get them the help they need in 2012.

Next they decide that they should maybe repeal obamacare and replace it with something better. NO! NO! Bad Republicans. Repeal it and leave us the heck alone or we’ll replace you in 2012. Do you think I can say it any clearer. You folks out there need to send them this message as clearly and simply as you can because if you leave any wiggle room they will screw it up. DC is like some kind of mind altering drug. Once you roll into the city you turn into an idiot and you stay that way until somebody drags you kicking and screaming from its clutches.

So back to the cap-and-trade fiasco. I read that Chairman Zero is dropping cap-and-trade. Good news, huh? Wrongo friend. Just because he gave up on cap-and-trade doesn’t mean he suddenly went sane. No, no, no. I’m telling you again he’s just like a retarded Energizer bunny. He just keeps on going, and going, and going. Not in the right direction but he’s going. Here‘s a little article that may illustrate what I’m telling you. He didn’t give up on the flawed science behind the scam just this particular scam. I’m telling you now, until this guy and the rest like him are on the leaky greenpeace boat to France we will not be safe.

Did you read the article? It just makes me sick. These people are elected, BY US. To do as WE TELL them. Then they go in and do whatever the heck THEY THINK is best for us? WHAT! WHAT? WHAT? I need a pencil! Someone give me a pencil quick! I need to jam it into my eye so I can’t feel the pain so much. Ahhh…that’s better. Now, I intend to take no more of this feces. After having talked, in person, on the phone, and through e-mail to many of these people I know that they are not smarter than me. In fact every one that I have talked to is darn near brain-dead. The narrow, one track item they call a mind focuses only when money is involved. Let me rephrase that, when money coming to them is involved. That is who we have allowed the media to get elected to run the greatest show on Earth.

Let me put this in prospective for you, these people are not our masters. They do not control us. They do not tell us what to do. That is clearly spelled out in the Constitution. I am tired of seeing citizens treat people like Nancy Pelosi with respect when she deserves to be in prison. These people need a jail sentence and we need to give it to them. Folks I am doing everything I can here to see that we don’t lose this Republic but I am just inches from fleeing. I will fight to the end for this country but if you people want to give it away to communists there is nothing I can do. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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