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November 24, 2010

Michael Luo of the New York Times had a piece today about how the eldest of Robert F. Kennedy’s children, Kathleen Kennedy, is starting “American Bridge”, some sort of front organization for Media Matters to launder money and funnel it to liberals seeking election. Can this crap get any more blatant? Read that story here and let me know what you think. Here’s the kicker, it’s being touted as “a permanent liberal counterweight…to Republican-leaning outside groups that spent so heavily on this years midterm elections.”

WHAT? (I’m trying to get away from WTF because some folks are saying it in a bad way.) BALANCE? To what again? Let me go right ahead and break this on down. First, there is no need to balance anything remotely right. The media, education and the gubmint are so far to the left that if the ultimate, supreme righty came waltzing into play the field would still be so far left that it would make me want to puke.

I am abhorred by being forced to support things like welfare, abortion and gubmint commie indoctrination centers (commonly referred to as schools). For so long now these things have been accepted as normal when they couldn’t be any more wrong. HEY! HERE I AM SAYING THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES! I’m not afraid to say it and I hope many of you will follow me. I am just waiting to get arrested or fired for it then the fun will begin.

Here’s an interesting belief of mine. I think libs might actually be different from us. You see, I think they were in Europe when our kind were building this country but now that roving bands of wolves and bears don’t roam the countryside any more they can safely come here and tax the life out of us and that is what has happened. You know the old crap about being descended from monkeys well I’m thinking that the libs probably really are but we are not. I think that might be what makes them heathens and us not.

That reflects back to the libs are lucky, I am blessed thing from the other day. You see, the more you think about this and the deeper it goes the more it gets scary. Are there two distinctly different creations here. Does that sound crazy? Because you know darn well the libs will turn this into some kind of hitler thinking? So you better know what you think before you go talking about anything like this. Fact is we need to send these same liberals right back to Europe where they can enjoy the lifestyle that has been created by their thinking. Until next time, screw environmentalists.