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Breaking It Down

November 23, 2010

Right here and now let’s break it down and bring it all together. I’ve given you quite a bit about trains. I’ve given you some about the TSA. Let’s look at what may be going on here. I say MAY because I don’t want anybody going out there and coming unglued. We’re just having a conversation here, OK? Now first let me say if you want progressivism just take your nasty self to one of the many countries already offering this option because the rest of America and myself will not be participating and we are just sick of hearing your liberal crap. Cuba comes to mind however I hear Venezuela is nice(?) this time of year. Good luck comrade.

For the rest of the sane world still with me let me first say that you can read “shovel ready jobs” as big loser. Not many even exist and the ones that do will be gone and over quickly. In other words it’s BS. Another thing I would like to put out there is that liberals are lucky, I am blessed. Do you follow that? Libs are lucky, I am blessed. I don’t have ANY luck, I am blessed by God. Screw libs. OK. Now that I got that off my chest we can get on with our sane conversation.

So let’s get a little dark here for just a minute. Let’s say the libs…you know, I’m just going to go ahead and call them commies…so let’s say the commies are trying to take over this country. One of the main things they are going to need to control is our freedom of movement. Are you starting to see where I’m going with this? Your new car can be easily disabled with and EMP. For those of you who missed that post an EMP is an electro magnetic pulse. It will cause your electronic ignition to stop functioning. Whether this is temporary or permanent is at the discretion of the operator. And for the older vehicles out there¬†look at the price of gasoline. If that’s not enough of a deterrent remember what ethanol does to older vehicles?

Next we have Dear Leader’s beloved trains. That’s fairly well regulated by the gubmint and a losing proposition anyway as you can see from the photos of the “giant” high-speed rail rally today in Wisconsin. These photos and the whole story have been pulled off the internet. I was able to save these photos from an earlier search I did, they are all that remains of the “giant” rally I asked you to keep an eye out for. As you can plainly see there are actually about fifteen people there. In the new spread for this there is a photo of a different function from some time ago so it looks as if there are more people at this rally. Scrubbing? You tell me. Check it here.

Now we have air traffic. As you have seen in the last few months commercial air traffic is quite easy to control but what about the private aircraft out there? Can you see where that could put a cramp in a two-bit dictator’s style? If this banana-republic is to get off the ground Chairman Zero will have to do something about the private air travel as well so look for this developement in the future. Until next time, screw environmentalists.