The Enhanced Pat

The commandant of the homeland security shakedown has now decreed that the American people are subject to unlawful search. The funny thing is I don’t recall anywhere in the Constitution that they were given this authority. Yes, I’m quite sure we did NOT give them this authority so why do you suppose they are getting away with it. The only answer I can come up with is that the American people must like it.

Yes, you read that last line correctly. I can only assume that the American people are happy to go down to the airport and have someone grope their crotch Michael Jackson style. It’s the only sane explanation. Or are you insinuating that the American people might not be up to snuff in the sanity department? In that spirit let’s review this. In the last hundred years how many freedoms have the American people given up in the name of safety? And remember, it’s for the children, so be honest. Oh, you forgot about that “it’s for the children” crap didn’t you? Burn!

So, in 1910 could a man walk into town with a gun in his hand? I believe the answer you are avoiding is yes. Why yes Rick, a man could walk right down main street carrying his gun. Well then, could that same man buy a beer and stand out in front of the bar and drink it? Again, the answer you are afraid to give is yes. Why yes Rick, a man could buy a beer and stand out in front of the bar with his gun in hand and drink his beer.

Does this all sound very dangerous to you? It should because you have been raised to believe that the man must be some kind of crazed lunatic looking for trouble when in reality he is an upstanding citizen relaxing in the afternoon after a hard day of producing something. The funny thing is that he will probably return to work after drinking the evil beer with his deadly gun in hand and actually…do more work. Scared you didn’t I?

So, as we can see the freedoms of the American people have been severely eroded over the last century. Why is that do you suppose? Is it for the children. The same gay children who are being bullied into committing suicide when they get to college? You know, if you gave up some more freedoms instead of going to all the trouble of teaching kids that life is unfair you could probably save as many kids as the number of terrorists the Department of Homeland Security has caught with their enhanced pat downs. In fact I know you could because that number is zero. Just like the communist chairman in charge of this cluster.

Well if not for the children then why do you think we have lost so many freedoms? Could it be that some evil empire is out there with a plan to turn the United States communist? Could they be getting alleged conservative (George Bush) candidates elected and then communist (Hussein Obama) candidates as well? Could they be orchestrating a collapse of our economy? You see the fact is that for all the venom you loose at Chairman Zero the fact is Bush enacted homeland security and the tarp cluster.

There was a woman running for congress somewhere in New England that believes that Senators should not be elected by the people. The media and everyone else made her out as crazy but the truth is that the founders set it up so that the legislatures of the States appointed the Senators and the progressives (communists) changed this around 1900. Odd things can happen when you’re not paying attention. Meanwhile I’m off to the bus station for an enhanced, opposite sex pat down. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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