Things I Know Pt.1

Since we finished the Constitution I feel better about that. It’s out there for people to see and I gave the link to get a free copy. But something has been nagging at me. Young people don’t seem to know “things”. When I was young I listened to the old folks at work. I listened to the old folks I met. I heard all they had to say about everything that was important to me. I realized that life had changed quite a bit for them in their lifetime and this gnawed at me. It bothered me so much that I had to find out about it. Back then you didn’t just go on the internet and start searching. You had to find real proof. You had to talk to real people and you had to get it in writing.

Now I am compelled to get the word out. I only have the rest of my lifetime to tell what I have seen, what I have learned and what has happened. I have seen the infringement of the communists on our lives. I have seen the deterioration of our homes, communities, business’ and our very way of life. I do not like it and even though I will live out my life mostly as I wish I do not want to leave a diminished lifestyle for the generations to follow. If you give a damn I suggest you read up and get the knowledge you will need to save the American way of life.

I will run an ongoing series of articles designed to remind the older folks and inform the younger folks of the way life should be. I will call it “Things I Know”. When you see these articles please take the time to read them and forward them to others so we can keep the memory of the way things should be, alive. When I was young I was asked by an older guy what it was I was striving for. I could not tell him. If we don’t take the time to do this future generations won’t know what to say when asked what it is they are striving for.

Today I would just like to point out a little something that made me laugh. You see, the libs are always doing something stupid that usually ends in disaster and Neil Young is no exception. It seems he took a perfectly restorable 1959 Lincoln and turned it into a Frankenstein mess. He called it the LincVolt and it was some sort of electric hybrid piece of feces. He had it stored in a warehouse in the land of fruits and nuts where it caught fire while storing power from the coal-fired electric utility. I guess there was nearly a million in damage done but “Hey. Hey. We’re trying to save the environment here.” Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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