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Quantitative Easing

November 9, 2010

Ok. A show of hands, how many know what this means? Two. Ok. Here’s the story. Quantitative easing is a benign name for an insane practice where a central bank (the fed) will buy up gubmint securities in an attempt to flood the market with cash to stimulate lending. The problem is that it is stupid. What happens is the gubmint pours all this cash ($600 billion in our case) into the economy and as a result there is too much money so the price of things goes through the roof. Read that as $5 a gallon gas coming at you just in time for the holidays. Thanks little Barry. Had enough yet? What say we explore just who it is that’s doing this?

The Fed, or the Federal Reserve, is the central bank of the United States. It is supposed to regulate the country’s fiscal policy to maintain economic success. Does that sound like crap to you? Yes, I think that sounds like crap. Tell me again what these jerks are doing buying up all these securities. How does that jive with what is going on? Does it sound to you like these dopes are doing exactly the wrong thing? Are they going to create runaway inflation? So. Let’s move on to just exactly who this is that’s doing this.

I have found a dandy little flow chart here but I defy you to trace it down. Now, let me just point out here that there are a lot of Schroder’s in this chart, but as you can see it is spelled differently than mine and FYI, Schroeder is the Smith of Germany. Ben Bernanke is the Chairman of the fed. He is the face and this face changes from time to time. Alan Greenspan was the Chairman of the fed for a while, you may remember that name.

As you can see from the flow chart N.M. Rothschild of London, Bank of England, is at the top. Say, didn’t we pitch those British out back in the 1700’s? What’s going on here? As an interesting sidenote I heard somewhere that the American BAR Association, you know, the thing the lawyers are always signing up with, has something to do with this bunch. I believe that BAR stands for British Advocacy Register. Try and look that one up.

Anyway, we seem to have an awful lot of British on this chart. Why is that do you suppose? Now I read somewhere that little Barry doesn’t like the British too much. If that’s so why would he be in league with them? Do you think that we might have stumbled upon the puppet masters here? Between the sinister mooslim activities and the Soros contingent we may have been duped here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.