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Taj Mahal

November 8, 2010

So what does Chairman Zero hope to gain from his junket to India. Apparently he is selling them some of our stuff. At least that’s the story, see it here. The reported price tag of $200 million a day has been refuted by White House sources. I don’t really care but if you do you can check it out here. Then I hear that Harley Davidson will be moving to India. That’s not true. Well, not completely true. Let’s say partially true. Oh heck, just check it out here.

What I did hear is that Harley has been making their leather gear in India. Say now there’s a way to endear ourselves to the rest of the world. Apparently leather works are extremely rare (if allowed at all) in America because they tend to pollute the water quite badly. So we, in all our wisdom, have sent our most filthy companies to the third world to operate where the law allows them to dump toxins into the rivers and streams at will.

Actually I think it was another of our great policies that sent these companies packing. Corporate taxes. That’s right we regulated and taxed these businesses right over to India. The very place where Chairman Zero is schmoozing right now. What a coincidence. So, are there a lot of mooslims in India? Apparently 12% of the population. Do you think he’s going to set up the BHO Memorial Library over there?

Now if you’re sad about that Harley thing don’t worry, they were only about 9% American anyway. They were assembled here though. Here‘s an article that might shed some light on how many of the Harley parts are truly American. I don’t know, sounds pretty sketchy to me. While researching this I found a statement saying that Honda’s Gold Wing has the most American parts on it. If you check out this source you’ll quickly see why I hate the internet. No two answers seem to agree. See that here.

So back to the junket. In addition to the hotel the ocean has been commandeered. That’s right sports fans, because the hotel is water front special security arrangements had to be made with the Navy, Coast Guard and the Indian Navy. Read that “very costly”. How the heck are they going to ensure the Presidents safety from the sea. I understand people have been training jellyfish to attack him on sight. What are you going to do?

Oh well I can hear it now, Jugdeesh speaking into the portable radio phone, “Gewd moning. Velcome to Haw-ley Davidson. My name is Peggy. How may I hep you? And while I have you on de line how is your Ver-iz-on serveece?” Until next time, screw environmentalists.