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Do You Believe The Libmed

November 5, 2010

Rush Limbaugh was on the radio the other day talking about the libmed (liberal media) claim that the tea party movement destroyed the Republican Party. Can anyone out there tell me what the heck they are talking about? Who are they to talk about destroying the Republican Party? The libmed has spent the last fifty years moving the Republican Party so far to the left that it can barely be distinguished from the Democrat Party. Personally I only watch the libmed to see their spin on things so I can come here and decipher it for you. For years I have not believed a thing they have said. But I digress.

All Patriots out there need to get themselves registered Republican. Now don’t come unglued, I’m not telling you how to vote or run your life or anything like that so just hear me out this will all come together in the end. Apparently Limbaugh thinks that the libmed is doing this to stop Sarah Palin. Now Limbaugh understands the tea party movement pretty good. He gets it. The libmed, on the other hand, doesn’t get it at all. They seem to think that the tea party movement is some sort of secret society and that Palin might be the leader or something so they keep lambasting her with everything they think they can pin on the tea party movement.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the tea party patriots are not listening to a word the libmed has to say. They know that it’s their votes that made this thing happen and that they will make it happen again in 2012. The libmed BS is over. Forever. So, looking ahead to 2012, patriots should consider who they will be electing in 2012. Now, as we have discovered, third-party candidates don’t fare well. And tickets like McCain/Palin don’t do much better. With all this in mind, if you don’t want to have a choice like Romney/Gingrich or Romney/Giuliani thrust on you, then registering Republican and taking control of the Party from the limp-wristed toe-tappers that have it now is about the only choice available.

Is it starting to come together? Have I broke it down for you? If so you may want to give this registering thing a try and see if we can’t just wrest control of the Party from the rinos that have it now. How about if we do this thing and then stop doing politically correct crap? Sound cool? How about if we stop electing people based on the color of their skin and use their credentials instead? Sound about right? Suppose we run on a platform of eliminating entitlements? Suppose we pay off the national debt? How about we secure our borders and throw the UN out? If any of this sounds like a good idea let’s keep our eyes on the prise for 2012. Until next time, screw environmentalists.