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Illegal Does Not Equal Immigrant

November 4, 2010

They’re out already and they’re not happy. The fringe is out in force and talking like they are the main stream. Well that’s just not so. Here‘s a little story about a group that registers voters. Nothing is really said out loud here but the undertone I get is that these people will get anyone registered that will vote their way. Legal citizen or not. This is just the kind of thing that needs to be exposed.

As they were shown this election cycle these fringe groups do not dictate how our country will be run. When we the people stand up together and get counted these rag-tag groups of malcontents have no say in what this country will do. If they are so unhappy they are free to take their nasty selves back to what ever armpit of the earth they fled. The big thing here is that you need to remember what happened here. Don’t let anyone give you a ration of BS, we stood up and took the country back as much as possible this election. Now we simply put the pressure on these employees of ours to do what is right until we can get them the help they need in 2012.

When I voted I had to show my driver’s license. Is that because I am an english speaking caucasian looking male? I should have dressed down and made like I couldn’t speak english just to see how they would have handled it. Now there’s a chore for some undercover reporter. Basically I think you should have to show title to land to vote and I don’t think anyone who is not a citizen of this country should be able to buy our land. That would solve a lot of problems.

So, that little story I sent you to, did you happen to look beyond the story? I did, I checked it out pretty good. Did you notice the crap that was linked to it? That was my first clue. I looked deeper and found that it’s a non-profit. That’s right, you can donate and then take it all off your taxes and in essence my tax dollars will pay for their miserable existence. This has got to stop. They are not main stream and NPR is not either. Anyway, I’m off the track here. My main goal here today is to keep you on track about what just happened. You need to stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize. We will take this country back from the commies. Yes we can! (Now that’s sweet.) Until next time, screw environmentalists.