High Speed Rail

The despots dream. Chairman Zero will look stunning in his little commie cap at the helm of his “high-speed” train. Isn’t a high-speed rail one of those things that blasts across the countryside at two hundred and fifty miles an hour? From everything I can glean we won’t even be able to do one hundred miles an hour. If we indeed ever do anything but create yet another slush fund for libs. Here‘s a little story from one of the lib posts about Wisconsin’s train.

As I said back in June of 2009 (see that here) trains are one of the most inefficient ways to travel. Tickets for these things will be out of the reach of most people and many of the rest simply will not ride them due to the inconvenience that will result from not having transportation on the other end. Let me ask you, has Amtrak ever made a dollar of profit? Fact is it has been a constant drain on society since day one. Oh, were you unaware that it was a gubmint funded cluster? Yeah. High speed rail at it’s finest in Amerika. It’s already here comrade.

One of the major obstacles is the way it works, you need something called a distribution center when these things stop in a city. At the distribution center a passenger will be able to catch a bus, taxi or subway. Very few American cities are set up this way. In addition you will need to get yourself to the train in the first place. Bus or taxi will work fine but the main complaint I have heard is that there is no affordable parking near the station so what does that tell you?

You see it all comes down to control. Chairman Mao…I mean Zero knows he can’t control the populace if they can just jump in the pick up with their shotguns and go down to city hall to set the straw bosses straight. He knows that he must not only control their guns and ability to communicate but their ability to move around as well. How many times have you seen in the movies where the good guys go and get on the train, rifles in tow, and go give the evil oppressors what’s for? It’s more like the evil oppressors load the good guys on the trains and take them to the extermination camps.

Let’s go back to tickets. I see where the Wisconsin Special will cost about $75.00 round trip. I heard where the Florida Flyer will set you back about a c-note one way. And as I understand it these prices are just for the ride. We still have to get to and from the ride and do any jockeying around that needs to be done at our destination. Sounds like another c-note, minimum. And bear in mind this is just for you, as you add travel companions the cost goes up should you be responsible for them (as in spouse and offspring). So as you can see this is not the bargain form of transportation. Who’s going to be riding this crap? I suppose the same people who ride Amtrak now. Three crazy libs who are quite unaware that automobiles even exist (still in search of the illusive sarcasm font). Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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