Biodiversity Scam

Oh, please tell me that I’m the first one to label this a scam? Here is a darn nice article about the new scam, biodiversity. Please excuse me while I get my swamping boots on. I can see it will be getting deep on up in here. You’ll notice that the young author refers to this as “the newer, younger, sexier model”. In his lifetime I’m sure it is new but for those of you who remember the sixties and seventies this will be all to familiar with its legendary references to owls and bats and all the rest. That’s right sports fans it’s the old ‘we’re killing off things we don’t even know exists yet’ scam.

Far from the newer, younger, sexier model it’s actually the mother of all BS environmental scams. If you’ll read down in the attached article you’ll see that they’ve even got a hockey stick in Achim Steiner’s statement of ‘fact’, “Changes in biodiversity as a result of human activities were more rapid in the past fifty years than at any time in human history.” I’m guessing Achim was there in the beginning to document this (Still looking for the sarcasm font). Now they just need something cute to complete the formula. Let’s see, polar bear-taken, seal-taken… AH! Here we go. The mountain gorilla. Like the polar bear and seal, cute from a distance but capable of ruining your day at close range. Now how much would you pay!? But wait! There’s more!

The sage has spoken. Friends, this is a man willing to wax his chest to save the planet (No kidding, he really did that). Read about it here.The biodiversity not his chest, you’ll have to find that on your own. You’ll notice in there that he talks of the need to create a sense of urgency. This is a critical part of any scam. If you can’t get your mark to act quickly they will probably figure it out before they are scammed. It just seems to me that if this were a true problem it would still be a problem tomorrow, don’t you think? The funny thing is, like most of these dolts, Mr. “you need to do more for the environment” Ford doesn’t think his industry can do anything at all and therefore doesn’t need change.

Hey, how about that global warming? We really needed to hop all over that in a hurry didn’t we? Now we get the facts from a real “professor”. This guy wants to equate smoking and the global warming scam with slavery. Do they have no shame? His quote? “They have become ‘social facts’, and with that shift, action becomes possible.” – Andy Hoffman. I know what you’re thinking, “WHO!” Yeah, he’s a liberal professor out of Michigan. Ann Arbor, to be exact. Go ahead and get an eye-load of his drivel here. OK. Now that you’ve had your fill for the day I just want to say that you’ve been warned. These clowns have way too much invested in this crap to let it drop. So when I tell you that it’s not over and they will be whipping this dead horse back to life, pay attention. Look at the dates on these articles. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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