Today I read yet another unfounded attack on tobacco. Third-hand-smoke. I say unfounded because I still haven’t seen the report on first-hand-smoke. But third-hand-smoke? Really? Allegedly it’s residue that settles on your clothes and hair and… whatever. Here is a nice little story about it and here is another. Now my question is, if tobacco is so bad, why not outlaw it? Is this an attack on Native Americans who have been known to use tobacco in their religious ceremonies or what? Again, just outlaw it.

That’s right, if this stuff is like lead or asbestos or something just…outlaw… it. Is there a problem with that logic? Apparently there is. Taxes. The libs need the taxes from smokers to support their obamacare scam, they just don’t want smokers to enjoy their smoking. I’m just sick of this, they bring their stinking dog into Lowes and then bitch because someone smells like smoke? Or they come in reeking of three dollar a gallon ode d’ toilet bitching about third hand smoke. And my personal favorite the seventy-year-old filthy hippie stinking to high heaven of filthy hippie bitching about the guy smoking in the designated smoking area out front. Usually it’s the x-smokers who bitch the loudest.

Basically you don’t get through life unscathed, something is going to kill you, and for a lot of you bitching libs I will be that something. I remember in the winter a white/gray film would form on the TV screen. You had to wipe it off every day at least once. One day I realized it was salt. They use salt to keep the ice down on the roads in the northern climates and it was drying out and going airborne. Think that was good for me and my family? Should I sue the county and/or the salt miners?

Now they are considering legalizing dope in the land of fruits and nuts (California). It’s my understanding that you can’t even smoke there. If you smoke dope how’s that going to work? Will there be designated smoking areas? Can you smoke it in your car? Can you smoke it in your house? What about the kids? Spouse? Pets? Third hand smoke? If you smoke in the car will you be too high to drive? Will dope smokers be treated like tobacco smokers? Does anybody really care what they do in California anymore? All I know is that the feds have threatened them if they do it so now they have all my support. That sounds like an Amendment Ten issue to me.

Here’s the thing, libs would let you continue to have relations with children if it would give them more revenue. They really don’t care what you do just so they can control how, when, where, how much and any other variable they can think of and then tax you accordingly as they see fit. It’s not the actual smoke that bothers them, it’s you enjoying the smoke that they can’t stand. You need to be taxed until it hurts. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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