Anchors And The Fourteenth

So, does the Fourteenth Amendment grant these anchor babies citizenship? Check back here and see. As you can see it seems to be legal. Or is it? The quote is, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Does this really say that you can come here illegally and have a child and that child will be a citizen of the United States? Are you seeing all that in there?

Here are some interesting thoughts. The part about all persons born or naturalized sounds more like a requirement than a loop-hole. Is an infant a citizen? Do you have to be able to understand what you are doing to be a citizen? Is an eight-year-old a citizen or do you have to be eighteen? Don’t citizens get called for jury duty? They don’t “reside” here, do they? They’re “on the lam” for crying out loud. If your parents are criminally in the country does that disqualify you for the citizenship? How about that part that says, “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”? What do you think that means? What are your thoughts on this? I think the gubmint knows all this and has corrupted it to suit their purpose.

Here’s an idea. Let’s just say, for the sake of this conversation, that we accept these infants as citizens. Where’s the part that says their whole family can stay? If we were to say that the infant is a citizen and can stay why should we let the criminal parent or parents stay? That don’t even sound like a good idea. I think if we are going to allow the infant to stay we should have it adopted by a good family and raised by them rather than allow the criminals to stay and raise it as a criminal. Is this fair?

What’s that you say? Separating the child from its parents is wrong? How is it wrong? They are here illegally. We just shouldn’t separate the poor parents from their children even though they have done wrong? Then you’re saying we either have to let all the people with children out of prison or put all their kids in there with them, right? Oh. That’s different? How so? Those people are criminals. The “illegal” part of illegal alien makes them criminals. Who knows who they killed to get this far.

Here’s a thought. What’s the number of good parent types in this country who can’t find a child to adopt? How can you deny them this chance? If you’ve got people like those Hollyweed clowns running over to Africa to get children there certainly must be a shortage here. The thing is even if this stance were adopted they would still come here and gladly leave their baby because the life the child would have would be so much better than the life it would have where they came from. I say this with certainty because if it were not true, why would they come here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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