Campaign Finance

All over the liberal media they are shouting the warning that people are donating too much to the effort to bring sanity back to politics. Here we see a story where a homebuilder from Texas seems to have given $7 million to a conservative group. Sounds committed to me. But they see it as a serious threat. I’ve been admonished that it’s not about us against them and we need to work together here. BS. It IS us against them. They suck and they are sucking the life out of this country so we can be just like France. See their communist success here.

Here we see that George Soros, the communist guy who attempts to drive countries into bankruptcy and then capitalize on it, gave only $1 million to his favorite liberal cause, Media Matters (yeah, you won’t be finding a link to that crap from this page, but the ny times will gladly take you there). Why no alarm about this? By the way, have you stopped patronizing ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC yet or are you comfortable with state-run media telling you what to think (read that communist propaganda)?

Here’s a funny thing. It seems that “non-profits” can get away with just about anything because they are “non-profits”. However if you talk to a liberal you’ll find that everyone they know who works for a “non-profit” is quite well to do. Why do you suppose that is? This is the kind of misleading BS I have had enough of. I never donate to ANYTHING with “non-profit” or “not for profit” attached to its name because I know that’s just another name for communist.

You see this is how the liberals (communists, Soros) get funded. They always give it a noble name and attach non-profit to it. Check out Media Matters and see just what kind of agenda Soros is supporting. Also there was a lot of flap about the GOP getting funding from foreign sources via the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce? Really? That’s where the communists are hitting us now. Again, I’m tired of it. Soros IS a foreigner. That is just plain illegal. Not undocumented, illegal.

I am just a little guy giving a little warning. This is the way we are going to take this country back from the brink of communism. We MUST hit them in the pocketbook and we MUST fatten our wallets. I have stopped buying from anything I can attach liberal to. I have thought about opening a “non-profit” for the advancement of caucasian people. I have thought about opening a “non-profit” for the protection of legally abused fathers. I have thought about opening a ” non-profit” for people whose Second Amendment rights have been infringed upon (that would be everybody in the country that wants to sign up). Hey, some bodies got to start saying things like this. Do you realize how offensive it was to people the first time they started trying to collect money for unwed mothers? Almost seems sacrilegious to say it in this fashion now doesn’t it? That’s what the libs have been working my whole life for and it makes me sick. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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