No PhD

I have a grave admission to make. I have no PhD. Honest. Yeah, I just thought I’d put that out there in case you were a liberal looking to discredit me for my lack of forthcoming in this matter. The thing is I never got around to getting it (for what that lame excuse is worth). But in my defence I’m not named as the lead author of some fabricated paper designed to help defraud half the population of the world, you know what I mean? Unlike this guy Laurens Bouwer who is listed as the lead author on an IPCC assessment report to help forward the global warming scam. Read that here.

Looking back I’m somewhat glad I don’t have a doctorate. Why, you ask? Well let me tell you. As a doctor of medicine I would be an asset to the world but many other doctorates don’t seem to really be worth all they’re cracked up to be. I just feel that there is a limit to how much someone should really study about some things before they start contributing back to society.

As an example I was reading somewhere about this guy who had a doctorate in geology. What for? You see, this is a red flag for me. This tells me that this guy has been sucking on the gubmint grant teet too long. Can you say milking it? This is when we start to get junk science like global warming, global cooling and climate change.

Can I just say here that “climate change’ is like “daytime lightness” or “nighttime darkness”. Did you really expect something else. And people like Leonardo DiCaprio (don’t know if I spelled it right and don’t know if he really believes, he’s just nice to pick on. must be that “king of the world” thing) run around saying, “Oh no! The climate is changing!” (read that in your best chicken little voice).

Just for grins let’s look at a few of the PhD’s available. A quick search online revealed that I could get a PhD in telecommunications. Again, what for? Would you feel better with a doctor working on your TV? I could also get one for human resources. I can hear myself now, “Yes. I have a PhD in human resources.” (Some body out there is cursing me right now, I can feel it. But hey, you did the time, not me). How about a DBA? That would be a doctor of business administration. How about a PhD in industrial and organizational phycology? What does that mean? Anybody? Anybody? Go to the University of Phoenix and type this in for a real treat.

Anyway, back to my point. When you study one thing for any length of time you tend to become, shall we say, jaded, and perhaps a little obsessed. This will result in work like the “hockey stick graph“. When you first start altering your data it looks real funky but after a few tweaks you don’t really notice anymore. Then when someone points out your egregious attempt at deception you are blind to it and try to continue the lie. This, in itself, is not what really alarms me though, what really sends me is that so many Leonardos are out there to follow the lie. Why is that? Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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