15% Ethanol

I have been hearing mixed reports on this story. First it was mandated that the gas companies were to start selling this. Then it was just a suggestion. Now it has been approved that they MAY do it. But allegedly not everybody is going to do it. WHAT? It’s like that old sit-com from the seventies, Soap. I feel like I should be asking, “Confused?” Isn’t this always the way with these liberal fix-all ideas. They make it so sketchy that nobody has a chance to fight it until it’s all over and it has been shoved down your throat (obamacare). You know, a we’ve got to pass it so we can see what’s in it, kind of thing? This didn’t even get that dog-and-pony show. It was just a decree from the omnipotent EPA. I’m sick of this. Again, what part of the Constitution gave them this power?

Well, again, I warned you, it’s another one that’s rising from the dead. This stuff is pure garbage. There’s just no other way to describe it. It really accomplishes nothing that it was intended to. It does, however, drive up the price of corn food products like tortillas so maybe some illegals will be inspired to leave our fair country. It drives up the carbon footprint of the vehicle burning it. And it has not decreased our dependency on foreign oil. Now don’t that just beat all?

What really flames me is that NASCAR has almost immediately bought into this. Yup, Dale Junior and Jimmie Johnson will be burning this crap. What is it with these people? Don’t they know where their bread is buttered? Read about that here. I can tell you from personal experience, it eats anything rubber in its way. Fuel lines, carburetor floats and gaskets, mechanical fuel pump diaphragms, all toast. Yeah, they say it’s ok for 2007 and newer vehicles. That lets 80% of my fleet out. It’s not so much the fact that it will be offered that gets me as the fact that it seems to become the only thing available after the short introductory period. Two gas stations in my rural county offered fuel without ethanol until one of them was forced to go out of the petroleum transfer business because they couldn’t afford to pull their tanks every five years and look at them. So long mom and pop. I did have a discussion with the guy that owned this station one day and for some reason he loved Chairman Zero. Wonder how that hope and change is working for him now?

After reviewing everything I could find on this edict (see more here) I think I know why people like NASCAR would even consider such a thing. If you’ll look at the last line of the NASCAR article you’ll see it, cleverly secreted, in an article about racing, there it is, “taxpayer-funded subsidizing”. Nice huh? We get to pay for yet another worthless, hair-brained, hippie cluster. Hey, even if you don’t like NASCAR get ready to foot their fuel bill. I hope all the Volkswagen microbus drivers out there will be enjoying that. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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One Response to “15% Ethanol”

  1. stopethanol Says:

    The EPA had nothing to do with forcing ethanol on us, they are just the federal department designated in the federal RFS mandate section in EISA 2007 to implement the law, the unintended consequences of which is causing this mess. The bill was crafted by Republican corn state legislators and signed into law by GW, so don’t blame the hippies. Most environmental groups are adamantly opposed to corn ethanol. If you want to understand where this is coming from look here: http://www.e0pc.com

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