What Are Women Doing

Really. What in the heck are women doing out there? Ellen Degenerate (10), Lady Gaga (7?), and Bounce Knowles (9) are more powerful than San Fran Nan (11)? Yes, I purposely spelled it Bounce and Degenerate. Where the heck is Sade on this list? And who, pray tell, is that at number 1? Check here to find out.

Mrs. Clinton (5), Chancellor Merkel (4) and Irene Rosenfeld (2), OK. But really, Sarah Palin (16), Sonia Sotomayor (19) and Katie Couric (22)? Come on, the assistant manager at the local quickie burger (21, just kidding) has it on Couric. If Sonia Sotomayor belongs on this list then Elena Kagan (25) and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (31) should at least be tied with her. And Sarah Palin? Let’s just stop there. Had she got elected that would be a different story. The same goes for number 1 I might add.

How did Forbes (228) figure this crap? I’m only kidding about Forbes. Being 228 I mean, because after this fiasco I may start referring to him as a woman. I’m still trying to figure out who Lady Gaga is, not to mention what she has accomplished to even be on this list, but number 7 and I’ve never even heard of her. Must be a mainstream media thing. As an old friend of mine says I wouldn’t give a nickel to see her ride a bicycle.

Look, I’m not trying to come down hard on these women. I just think when we start giving people that have really made little or no contribution to anything of worth recognition for their “great achievements” we are slighting the people who really have done something of value. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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