No Cops

What are the cops really doing out there? I see cops from time to time, usually driving, I’m guessing they’re going home as they do not turn around and get me for speeding. I see them get other people sometimes, usually in well-known speed traps. How dumb do you have to be to get caught in a speed trap that is on the internet? See that here. But while speed traps are sources of revenue the revenue I want to talk about is regular funding.

It seems that every year the budget for the local municipalities grow. I heard a figure today for one area near me and they said that over the last decade the budget had grown to ten times what it was just to maintain the same level of service. The host then claimed that his salary had not grown tenfold. Nothing he could think of had grown tenfold including the price of gas. I know that’s right because my salary seems to have shrunk in relation to the costs of goods and services.

So here’s my question, why is it that every time we try to get the congresscritters to come in line with a budget they start screaming about cutting back on cops and fire protection? How about cutting back on their staff. I know I can do without a few of their personal assistants. And when did a secretary get that title? Was it when the garbage man became a sanitation engineer? Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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