“My house burned down for $75.00” is the kind of crap the media churns out every day. MSNBC would like you to believe not only that this home burned down for the lack of $75.00 but that the tea party movement is responsible for it. This is the kind of lying liberal crap that I am sick of and will vigorously expose every time I see it.

The Tea Party (some liberal political party that has commandeered the name of the tea party movement) may have had something to do with the policy that led to this but the tea party movement had nothing to do with any of this and anyone that says it does is out right lying to you. This is what the “mainstream media” is doing en mass to thwart the efforts of good honest people in their attempt to regain control of this country from the communists that are in power.

Here is the MSNBC story about it so you can see exactly what I am talking about, but let me warn you, the MSNBC web site is the biggest hunk of crap I have ever dealt with. It nearly brought my computer to a standstill trying to dump tracking cookies and spybots on my machine. You better have a good firewall and anti-virus software.

I think what I would like you to come away with here is that there is a group out there calling themselves the Tea Party. They have nothing to do with the tea party movement. I believe they are liberals attempting to put a bad name on the tea party movement or capitalize on the success of the tea party movement. Either way they are despicable pieces of feces. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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