Bush Tax Cuts

I’ve heard a lot about some tax cuts the libs in congress are supposed to make. Apparently they have adjourned and will not be doing that until after the election. See here. It’s September, the election is in November. The majority of these people don’t need a helloween costume, so what are they doing for the next month? $177,000,00 a year is what we pay them. I think that divides out to about $700.00 an hour.

You see, the truth is that the “tax cuts” are actually already in place and the libs don’t want to continue them. They are Bush tax cuts that will expire at the end of the year unless these jackals do something. The libs don’t want to admit that these cuts will help the economy. Boehner had enough votes to extend them but Pelosi voted to adjourn instead. Look at her crazy face in the picture in the last article. Here‘s a little article from, of all places, ABC News about Boehner.

The final word is that the libs in congress have not even passed a budget yet. This is really their only job so WTF? Let’s recap, we’ve got obamacare but no operating budget for the federal gubmint. I say shut it down. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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