UN, Farrakhan And Ahmadinejad

First we need to ascertain what specifically Imadinnerjacket had to say to the third world debating society (UN) that could be of any concern to anyone. Pretty much nothing, I think, see here. (It is also rumored that he wore the same clothes all week. Oh well, thrifty I guess.) But back to his “speech”. Apparently he accused the US of using 911 to prolong their world domination. I’m just sick of crap like this. We don’t need 911 to prolong our world domination when the rest of the world shamelessly bends over and drops their shorts every time these two-bit dictators start bawling. Enough about that.

So then, on Tuesday, the traveling freak show meets with Farrakhan and some members of the new black panthers. OK. Let’s review. Louie is a mooslim, Muckmood is a mooslim. Maybe that was a prayer meeting. But no, I understand they had dinner, spiral cut ham, baked potatoes with sour cream and bacon bits and some red wine. Oops, did I say too much? Anyway, then there is the panther contingent. What do you suppose this was all about? Why would someone as true-blue American as the black panthers be having dinner with the likes of Imadinnerjacket? Just food for thought. Here‘s the article that spurred my thought. I think we need more Sudanese diplomats in this country.

Here’s the thing. I’m just tired of these two-bit dictators and half-baked special interest groups pushing me and my country around. The crap black panthers are a racist organization in the fine tradition of the kkk and can pack it as far as I’m concerned. Farrakhan and the freak show can move into a cave together and live happily ever after. Let’s stop allowing them access to our lives. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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