I Got Nothing

Some days I hear things during the day and I write it down. Some days I search the news and find things that interest me. Some days I have more things to write about than I can possibly get to. Some days I have nothing. Today I’ve got nothing.

Here’s what sometimes happens. Today I heard something so I wrote it down. I got home and went to look it up and it has disappeared off the face of the Earth. How can this be? I went to the New York Times and it was nowhere to be found. I actually copied the URL and pasted it to Word and printed it out but I cannot go to that page now. Where did it go?

I have heard stories that Chairman Zero is having the internet scrubbed. Could this be what has happened to these things? My mother has been complaining to me that a lot of the e-mail I send her ends up in the spam folder. She thinks she has a communist at her ISP doing this to all conservative e-mails. I have noticed that I have to do that fill in the above crap about every seventh e-mail lately. What are they trying to do? I realize that Google has sheep cutting their lawn but come on. The green scam is over.

I love this election stuff going on. The libs are coming unglued. Some dem in Ohio has started calling names. The only problem with the whole thing is that no one is listening to them any more. They are so out of touch and have been exposed for the pieces of feces that they are. The media keeps touting Jon Stewart and how he won’t run for office. Jon knows that fewer and fewer people are even listening to him much less considering voting for him. Heck, just look at the wonderful job Al Franken is doing.

Every day I hear how more libs have gone down and how the media just can’t understand it and it makes me so happy. Folks, we are truly making a difference this year. We need to keep this going. Not just until November, or 2012, but al the way. What I mean is for the rest of eternity. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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