Climate Disruption

There it is sports fans, the new catch phrase. Climate disruption. I am so sick of this crap, they’re not even whipping a dead horse anymore it’s just so much puree now. “Science czar(?)” John Holdren, astute Cretan that he is, has noticed that there has been no global warming since last millennium. So, in an effort to get the band back together, he has decreed that it shall from this day forward be global climate disruption. Here‘s a scary little bit of tripe.

Now this term seems to go with Jammin’ Johnnie’s 1971 crusade in which he believed the world was going to freeze to death. Is this anything like mood swings because this guy is crazy dangerous. He’s already called for gubmint mandated abortions and putting stuff in the water to control the people. Here‘s another piece about him for your edification. This is just one of the Obamanation dream team, google him for more of his “Stewie Griffin” thoughts.

I’m can’t speak for you but from this day forward it will be all about global warming for me. As far as I’m concerned the state of the economy is being caused by their perceived “global warming”. I will use this term until they physically attack a person every time it is thrown in their face. Then I will do it just to watch the fun. Just another little thing I can do to irk the libs. Until next time don’t forget to screw environmentalists.


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One Response to “Climate Disruption”

  1. Annoyed Conservative Christian Says:

    Automobiles do not control the weather. The weather is influenced by these things called High and Low Pressure Systems. There are people called meteorologists who could explain this to Al Gore, but I am glad the environmental socialists keep changing global warming something else, it keeps things interesting.

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