My Dirty Racist View

Yeah, I know what you’re looking for. Depending on how liberal you are you’re either looking for dirt or backing. Well here’s the story. I was listening to a show on the radio while back and they were talking about religion in gubmint schools. They were putting forth all kinds of ideas. Some believed that religion should be taught in gubmint schools and some didn’t. The ones that didn’t kept citing that non-existent part of the Constitution about separation of Church and State.

The next conundrum they faced was which class it should be taught in. Many theories were put forth such as science class, right along side of evolution. That hardly seems right. History was a fair idea, but still… American Gubmint? Phys Ed? Nothing seemed to fit and I think I know why. They were looking at the whole question all wrong. Naturally if you ask the wrong question you are going to get wrong answers.

The problem is that the whole thing should be turned around. School should not be a function of gubmint looking for a place to insert religion. Religion should take care of schooling and teach how the gubmint is supposed to operate. Now here’s where you get to put on your liberal beanie and run with my racist comments.

Gubmint schools should not even exist. You like that? Close them all and let the Churches open them. Oh, you don’t like that, or do you? It seems like nobody is neutral on this it’s either hated or loved. And the more you tend to frown on my right to smoke and tout your imagined right to bring your smelly dog into the store the more you disagree with this.

Now here’s the part that you can take and run with as racist. You ask, “So everybody that doesn’t go to Church will not be able to go to school?” And I say, “Yup!” Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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