A Question

Have you all seen the e-mail running around, I don’t know how true it is but there are pictures, of the Mexicans threatening to kill cops and Americans if the authorities enforce our laws? Now we have the peace-loving mooslims threatening to kill Americans if this group in Florida burns korans. Here is my question, is it just me, do I have this backwards or something, but shouldn’t we hold the ones making the threats responsible for their actions instead of trying to infringe upon the rights of Americans?

I have avoided writing about this because I can’t see how anyone that calls themselves a Christian would even be involved in such a hate filled act. I have heard a lot of talk around about what Jesus would have done. How He would have burned the koran. Not so. I believe the koran was around during Jesus’ time and I don’t recall any incidents of book burnings.

But all that aside, it is this guys right to burn it if he must. And it is our duty to defend his right to do so. Basically what I see is the thug (peaceful mooslims) coming into the local store (America) and saying, “Say, nice place you guys got here. Be a shame if anything happened to it. Maybe you should rethink the foundation it’s based on or you may have fires and shootings.” Is it just me or are we held hostage every time our freedoms and liberties don’t agree with every little special interest out there?

In the beginning I couldn’t have cared less if they built a mosque where ever they are trying to build it. It was no deal at all, much less a big deal. But the Ministry of Propaganda (mainstream media) made it a big deal. So this little nobody in Florida gets the idea to become somebody and away we go. Personally, like every other stupid thing that has been made into a big deal, I see the mainstream media as being directly responsible for this. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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