Tea Party Tracker

Without fear the thought challenged have once again forged ahead with yet another futile attempt at discrediting the tea party movement. This latest venture bankrolled by, among others, King George (Soros) is supposed to search out racism and extremism among tea partiers.

All I have to say about that is good luck. Now I could end this post right here but I am compelled to dig deeper and see just how much stupidity I can uncover beyond the picture of King George seen here. Could that look possibly be from just too many hours of staring at a bug zapper for entertainment?

In addition to King George I see the racist organization the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People (NAACP) is involved. Does it get any more racist than that? How can they possibly be involved in looking for racism among others? What color are the people anyway? White? Red?

Fox News has a nice piece about this that you can see here but I have already found an error in that piece as they claim a spitting incident involving Emanuel Cleaver was caught on tape. Well I saw the tape and no such incident occurred on that tape, just a bunch of yelling, see for yourself here.

In addition to the NAACP and Think Progress (Soros), New Left Media, and Media Matters for America are running this dog and pony show. Now here’s my plan. Since these jackals aren’t going to find anything they will resort to plants and instigating, I suggest we beat them to the punch and start recording incidents of their racism and extremism, as well as the plants and instigation, and send it to Breitbart or You Tube. Cool? OK then. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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