So James Jay Lee took hostages at the Discovery Channel building today. The Discovery Channel, that’s pretty left leaning isn’t it? I’ll bet this guy was some kind of tea party/militia wacko. They said he had protested at this place before. He must have a thing for the lefties inside. I’ll bet he listens to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Beck’s “tea party” rally on Saturday set this off.

Actually, no,no,no, and no. The guy’s a flaming lib. He was mad because he was too far out in left field for the Discovery Channel. Now that’s out there. The Ministry of Propaganda is always looking for this angle when these things happen, like the Times Square bomber. They always hate it when it blows up in their face like this.

Apparently he had a website where he used to write things. Scary things about too many humans and what we should do about it. For some reason you can see that here. How about that? Nutbag or celebrity nutbag? Definitely liberal nutbag.

So what about James Cameron? You know. Aliens. Titanic. Avitar. Yeah, that James Cameron. The one that just backed out of a debate on the global warming scam because his status was too far above his opponents status. Well he has claimed that he believes in eco-terror. Really, see it here. How about that? He is pleased that Avatar is the perfect eco-terrorist recruiting tool. That thing about status, that is a big liberal thing. They are all agreeing with him. In other words he is too good to be debating the peasants. Look out Algore. Anyway, I’ve had all of this I can take for a week. Tomorrow is Constitution day. My personal favorite because I don’t have to read a bunch of twisted crap about celebrity nutbags. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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