New Unemployment Numbers

I don’t know what the new numbers are yet but I’m guessing they will reflect whatever Chairman Zero directs the Ministry of Propaganda (mainstream media) to say they reflect. I did hear something interesting on one of the radio guys shows the other day. It seems that all this unemployment stuff is hurting people’s self-esteem.

Ok, now that you have stopped all that hysterical laughing, it’s true. Well I don’t know about the actual hurting people’s self-esteem part but the part about somebody actually saying it was hurting people’s self-esteem. It was just a short line or I didn’t have time to listen to the whole story but it got me thinking. So little Jeremy is now thirty-five and all of that outcome based math crap isn’t serving him so well in the real world. After all, he did graduate, PCS (Participant Came to School) didn’t he?

Then I was wondering why he didn’t just go to his mates from his old soccer team and renew the relationships to keep himself in a job. Ok, ok, I’ll stop. Just quit laughing so hard, it’s scaring me. I think you shot a little beer out your nose on that one. Anyway, then it occurred to me. Why not give them a participant ribbon to boost their self-esteem. (OK, so I lied.) Seriously, this is what I believe this world has come to. You might want to keep your eyes open for more on this in the Ministry of Propaganda, I’m sure it will be featured somewhere. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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