I do try to improve my vocabulary from time to time so that no one will suspect that I am a buffoon. But on the other hand I find people that use these big and complicated words only appeal to the few and I would prefer to appeal to the masses. So in that spirit let me try to improve your vocabulary with some words that I may have just invented.

When I disagree with liberals I am called many things. Examples, if I disagree with homos I am called a homophobe. If I disagree with mooslims I am called an islamaphobe. And so it goes with everything I disagree with. So I thought about that and I decided that from this point forward I would turn that same twisted logic right back in their faces. Let’s see how they like it.

From now on all the libs out there that want my God out of the public eye are Christophobes. They have Christophobia. They are Christophobic. Pretty good stuff, huh? But there’s more. The warmis that disagree with my technological advances must certainly be technophobes. The homos that don’t like straights would then be heterophobes. Are you getting the idea. Play around with this and come up with your own. Put them in the comments so we can all pick up on them. But most of all don’t forget to use them on the loud mouthed 14% out there. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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